5 - Building Your Publication. The Checklist

5 - Building Your Publication. The Checklist

Sweet! You have decided to build a publication with a group. Planning your publication is absolutely imperative. Measure Twice - Cut Once

Building A Strong Group Publication/Blog - 5 Key Ingredients

Building a publication with Klusster is guided by the mantra that "many hands make light work."

Although Klusster can help you easily assemble & distribute a group publication, it is still important to think through some detail before you launch.

We have identified 5 key ingredients from planning to execution you might want to consider to build a successful publication.

Ingredient # 1

Plan, Plan Plan your publication.

When you build an eMagazine with a group a little thought goes a long way.

With any media property, you are trying to "make a match" with people that want to consume the content and be matched with an individual or entity that can execute the product or service pertaining to that content.

In real simple terms, it likely doesn't make sense to put together a shoemaker in Kentucky with someone that needs their lawn cut in California.

  1. Define your Brand  -  Understand your desired target audience - Think through the content your tight group can provide to have a large impact on the desired audience.
  2. Understand your content plan.
    • How often, who, what are the requirements.
  3. Understand your distribution
    • Who is going to be part of the distribution team.
      • Peers, Staff, Social Pro's Influencers...

Remember, whatever publication you build, you are going to want people to value it enough to want to enjoy it again and again.

You will know you have done a good job in this area as your publication consistently generates increased engagement.  As long as your publication consistently grows, you know you are providing value.

Thinking strategically about  the above points will help immeasurably.

Ingredient #2

You will want to work with partners that also equally love what they do.

Building a group publication should not feel like a chore. By working with others that have a passion for what they do, your readers are in for an incredible treat.

Passion will transfer to the reader and the reader will likely share your enthusiasm with others through sharing your content. Where the danger lies is when you are working with business owners that are going through the motions.

Owning a business, building a business is meant to be fun.

Being part of a group publication should also be fun.

plan, your, publication

It is 100% important that your publication members feel like part owners of the publication, NOT ADVERTISERS!

Ingredient #3

Set the standards for consistent distribution.

The best way to get a magazine read is to send it out. Klusster has all the tools to increase distribution.

When each member of your publication are consistently sharing it's possible that 5,000, 10,000 or even 100,000 people can be brought to the magazine in a month.

Consistent Rules.

Klusster makes it easy for a group to work together, however, your system of distribution is imperative. e.g. each member must distribute X pieces of content per month or a REWARD system for sharing. **We can walk you through this.

Note: With local publications, it is IMPERATIVE that businesses are rewarded in some reduced cost fashion the more they share. This increases distribution significantly.

We can discuss with you the pricing models that have worked well for us.

Ingredient #4

Each publication requires a champion

Whether you are building a publication with 2 members or 20, leadership will improve consistency of reach and engagement.

You are building a REAL media property.

It doesn't take much, but a little energy & formality goes a long way.

Digital marketers are an incredible choice to provide you value add in the publishing realm. They will ensure the strategy is met, the distribution rules are followed and can help businesses be better marketers through the creation of quality content.

Their role in communicating to the group is worth their weight in gold.

Ingredient # 5

Set the standards for consistent content creation.

A back to basics mentality always works.  If your publication has 25 members, each member should have new content within the publication on a regular basis.

From a sharing point of view, if each member shares 2 pieces of content a week and shares the publication 1 time a week, your distribution will be very strong.

As part of your content creation focus, give some time to thinking how the publication/group blog will launch.  When the publication does indeed go live, you will want some strength of content to create an impact.

You may want to consider having available CONTENT WRITERS (resource) available to help you just in case some of your partners are not in love with expressing themselves.

Ready to build a publication and reach more people?

1) Download The Checklist

2) Request a webinar for your group, send us a note!