What do we think of Google Quality #Content Guidelines?

What do we think of Google Quality #Content Guidelines?

Klusster is a publishing platform for groups. As we grow, and get more content, we continue to improve our standards. Just like Google....

Upload your content to Klusster??

As Klusster is one of the Internet's fast growing GROUP BLOGGING & CONTENT MARKETING platforms, we are often thinking about where we want our content to go...

Sometimes, when you build a publishing platform, your site is found by people that create less than quality content.  So you might be interested in knowing our policies.

We believe strongly in quality content.  Each month we delete content that is effectively used to trick search engines.  If it doesn't meet our standards, eventually, the content will be removed from the platform and maybe even the user for repeat violations.

What about Google?

What about Google?? We have said this on multiple occasions, it is in Google's best interest to serve up the best content.  So we generally subscribe to the same thought process.  It's in our readers best interest, that we try to serve up the best quality content.  Although we may not have as much funding as Google, we do take finding malicious/useless/offensive content seriously.

If you have never read the Google Quality Guidelines, we suggest you start here. SEO or Search engine optimization cannot in the long term be a function of TRICKS.  In short, we subscribe to Google theories of creating content for readers/users and not search engines.

Anything that we might perceive as trying to trick Google, we perceive as trying to trick Klusster.  This is a simple sentence that basically says, if it walks like a duck, it's a duck.

Some Techniques we look for when assessing content.

Lazy content.  It doesn't get any easier for us to see content that has been put together for the sake of being put together fast.  We are more than comfortable remooving this

Repetitive Content.  You wouldn't believe what people put up.  And the sad thing, is someone might be paying them to put up that garbage.

Deceptive Content.  If you create an article on "cute baby squirrels" and link to a gambling site, that's another way your content will likely get disallowed. Another example of this deceptive is what Google calls Sneaky Redirects.  Imagine if you think you are going to a spa website, but end up at a completely different site.  We will do our best to find this content too.

Paid Links.  We cannot control if our users have sponsored links or not.  In fact, some content is completely worth sponsoring. Subsequently, 100% of the external links from our site are identified as UGC links.  UGC means this is User Generated Content so Google looks at it with a keen eye.

Endorsed Content. Klusster has a unique feature called Boomerang. Boomerang allows a user of Klusster to distribute other content on the platform and attach an endorsement to that content.  This way all content distributed by another is appropriately recognized.

Some Great Videos To Help You Understand Us.

Below are two videos that we have been highly influenced by in creating the Terms and Conditions for the content on our site.



Final Thoughts

We are big believers in quality.  That's why we created Klusster.  By working in a group, to deliver your content, you should be increasing the quality of what you do.  Ready to reach more people online?  It's Time To Klusster