Create a GROUP Blog with your own network!

Create a GROUP Blog with your own network!
about 1 month ago

You have a business. You know other businesses that want to get content distribution too. Form an alliance and reach more people through combining forces!

Although Klusster is a network of thousands of businesses that work together as a GLOBAL COMMUNITY, many of our members use the Klusster platform to assemble their OWN CONTENT COMMUNITY to create a GROUP BLOG and get up to 20X more exposure than any one business can on their own.

No matter how good your social media, you can always combine forces with other businesses to significantly magnify your reach.

What business owners do you work with in your community?

For example, a dentist, chiropractor and a physiotherapist could work together to build a better health blog and educate more people than any one business could on their own.

The Group Blog

A GROUP BLOG is a coordinated effort where multiple business, 2 or more, decide they can reach more people through collaboration.

You have all heard the saying...

"The Whole is greater than the sum of the parts"

It's true.

With a GROUP BLOG,  a group of 10 businesses that normally each reach 1000 people per month ALONE, can combine their resources and reach 10,000 people as a group.

The GROUP immediately reaches significantly more and new people.

How would you like to reach the audience of another business?

  1. More exposure for their brand.
  2. Your content referred by another business.
  3. Consumers are happier as they get more knowledge in a central location.
  4. Business owners are happy because they now have content to add-value to their audience.

What kind of GROUP BLOGS are possible?

A LOCAL GROUP HEALTH BLOG - Imagine multiple health professionals combining their content and driving people to a single place with content from multiple local health professionals.

A GROUP FRANCHISE BLOG - If you are a business that is a franchisor or franchisee, your network would all benefit from a single consistent BLOG that you all distribute.

A GROUP MARKETING BLOG - Marketing is a big subject.  SEO companies can combine forces with design companies and social media marketing companies.  The customer can learn so much in a central location.

So many more GROUP BLOG IDEAS, not enough time...

Why Klusster?

Klusster is all about businesses that want to work together.

Our platform enables networks to easily upload content, share content and track the strength of the group in distributing more content.

We are a turnkey platform that provides businesses EVERYTHING they need to build a GROUP BLOG.

Want more? Watch This Video...

It's Time To Work Together With Klusster

What Next?

Think of the businesses you know or could combine forces with and start planning your GROUP BLOG. (Hint.  We recommend Businesses work with digital marketers, just in case some members of the group need a bit of help)