Klusster For Bloggers - Create A Group Blog!

Klusster For Bloggers - Create A Group Blog!
over 1 year ago

Hello Blogger! Nice To Meet You. Are you ready to create a SUPER BLOG?

Fact: There are millions of incredible bloggers that are spending time writing, sharing on social and providing great stories to many people.

You are likely one of them.

Fact: There are also millions of bloggers that wish to make more revenue from their blogs,  affiliate programs or other income streams. It's Hard!

We have a solution.

The Super Blog

A SUPER BLOG is a single quality GROUP BLOG or publication that is written by many talented bloggers and writers.  This group comes together to reach more people, generate more interest for ALL bloggers in the group.

You have all heard the saying...

"The Whole is greater than the sum of the parts"

It's true.

With a SUPER BLOG,  a group of 50 bloggers that normally each reach 1000 people per month ALONE, can combine their resources and reach 100,000+ people as a group.

Create a super blog, every member of the SUPER GROUP immediate reaches significantly more and new people.

Every member gets more exposure for their brand.

Every member of the group generates more revenues.

Consumers are happier, because the search for good content is eliminated.

Wouldn't you agree?

What kind of SUPER BLOGS are possible?

A SUPER MOMMY BLOG - We love the stories of inspiration written by so many mommy bloggers, we just wish they would put these stories in a single place.

A SUPER TRAVEL BLOG - Most travel bloggers can't travel to all of the incredible places in the world alone.  Aligning with other like minded quality bloggers can allow you the ability to compete with the big publications.

A SUPER MEN'S HEALTH BLOG - So many strong independent fitness and health professionals, yet they compete with the likes of Men's Health magazine alone.  Why not gather 20-30 incredible men's health bloggers and create a strong online publication.

So many more GROUP BLOG IDEAS, not enough time.

Can I get more reach?

Yes, more reach.  Yes, Additional Branding and most importantly...

More Revenues!

By combining resources, all of you reach a new audience and therefore, new exposure which leads to new revenues. Klusster has built in tools that allow all members of the group to share in the revenues of a sponsor.

If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.

An Example

There is a group of women in New Orleans that host a mommy blog called NewOrlean'sMomsBlog is a 'SUPER BLOG' with 15-20 incredible local authors and they have 45,000-50,000 followers on social media as a blog.  They have 20+ sponsors and reach more people than any one mommy blogger alone.

Pretty great right?

Super Blogs will be the future.  But many Bloggers don't have the technology skills to put together a SUPER BLOG platform.  We know how hard you have tried over the years to build a blog and generate revenue...It's pretty hard when you don't generate 10,000 plus visitors a month to generate a significant revenue stream.

We've got you covered!

Klusster.com is a group publishing/blogging platform that allows any business, blogger or author to reach significantly more people online by assembling a team of bloggers.

We give you all the tools you need to immediately build a SUPER BLOG all you need are the bloggers to come together.

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