Market Like A Chameleon

Market Like A Chameleon

Oh this just got interesting.

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Market Like A Chameleon?

From The Klusster: Market Like An Animal

You don't have to be complete obnoxious when it comes to your marketing plans.  Oh sure, some furniture sales companies might be selling you the deal of a life time with NO MONEY DOWN.. Down ..Down  (Fading Announcer Voice) but, it that the best way to deliver your message?

What Can We Learn From A Chameleon

A chameleon disguises itself within the surroundings to protect itself and "sneak up" on its prey.  But in marketing, a Chameleon can teach us to be subtle.  Not in every case.  But when it comes to gaining customers, education can be more powerful than a "HUGE SAVINGS"

So many businesses rely upon some level of trust development.  How does your prospective customer know you are selling quality goods or services?  Sometimes providing them an education on the strength of your products, or warranties give them peace of mind.  Sometimes, clients gain confidence slowly over time, just putting pieces of a puzzle together.  And when we do that well, we camouflage our marketing with education or providing some value before the client even spends a dime.

Often at Costco, we see food companies offering up FREE SAMPLES.  A small investment of try before you buy goes such a long way.

You are gaining trust.  And trust is an EXTREMELY VALUABLE CURRENCY.

Think Like A Consumer

As we ask you every single time.  What if you were a consumer of your company?  What would you want? How would you want to be marketed to?

Sometimes the soft sell is what people want.  We are not saying not to look out for the closing cues, but we are saying maybe subtly giving your clients something first to show your value will go a long way to gaining confidence enough to purchase. They may not pay you in currency, but they might offer you up their trust.

Like the Chameleon, you sometimes don't even know they are there.  Just like good marketing, it doesn't feel like you were sold at all.

You can still be subtle and Market Like An Animal