Klusster FAQs

Klusster FAQs

We have compiled a list of our Frequently Asked Questions. And for fun, we thought we would try to answer them.

1. What is Klusster?

Klusster is a publishing platform.

Here is the catch. Every publication you build with Klusster has an element of a group to it.  If 5 business or 15 businesses got together to build a PEER publication, they will reach more people collectively. Learn More

2. Why would I create a GROUP publication?

Tired of working alone online?

Most of our users realize it's very hard to fill their social media schedule alone, not to mention reach everyone by themselves.  By Klusstering together, to build a GROUP PUBLICATION, businesses immediately:

a) Have more quality content for their social media

b) Have more people to help distribute it.

Learn More

3. Why Klusster?

Klusster gives you all the tools.

You could build your own online publication (www.check-out-our-group.com).  In fact these already exist. Business Improvement Areas, Downtown Cores, and other Groups already have directories of sort online.

However, with Klusster, you can create content and easily join multiple group publications. Most importantly, as soon as you put your content into or create a PUBLICATION, your turn on the the TEAM SHARING ENGINE. This sharing engine increases content visibility by 20X.

The Klusster sharing and tracking system allows groups and their TEAM members all to coordinate their efforts to make sure the publication gets found.

4. What's the big deal?

Let's do the math....

If 10 businesses get together, and each of these 10 businesses have 5 TEAM members to help with the distribution of the content. You now have over 50 people helping to distribute your messages instead of 1.

Without critical mass of distribution, you get very little visibility.

If 55 people each can reach 300 people on social each month, that group can collectively reach 16,500 easily with a GROUP PUBLICATION. Learn More

5. I am a marketer. Can I use Klusster?


Sometimes businesses need help creating content and making sure everything works smoothly. In many cases, online marketers can combine their clients and help them ALL reach more people online. Learn More.

6. Can I use this in my local business?

For sure...you must!

For some businesses, they already have a group (Staff).  Once you have your content in a publication, Klusster's Team Alert program allows you to include your staff in the social distribution.  Our Team Alerts allow you to track and reward your staffs distribution.  Not to mention, more NEW business for all.

7. Is it FREE?

Of course, we have a FREE alternative. Klusster allows you to put up your own portfolio of content and host it absolutely FREE.

1) You can socially share this content

2) You can be followed as a single author for FREE.

3) You can even improve your SEO results.


The real power of our platform is when you take your content and begin to build a BRANDED GROUP PUBLICATION and work with a team of businesses to spread your messages together. Starting at $9.95/mth our customers reach their targeted audiences up to 99% lower costs than other online marketing programs.