Klusster For Non Profit Organizations

Klusster For Non Profit Organizations

As a non-profit, you want to get your message out. Your volunteer base is a great place to start.

Reach more people

Here is the good news, your organization already has people to help you deliver more messages.  You also likely have the passion within the organization to tell the story.

We just need to put them together.

With Klusster, Non-Profit organizations can easily create a quality Klusster GROUP BLOG /ePUBLICATION and get increased message distribution by coordination of their team and volunteers.

Why create a TEAM publication for your non-profit with Klusster?

  1. Add up to 500 people to your message delivery team.
  2. Auto eMail the team twice weekly with the latest information to share.
  3. Track the message distribution by your team and provide rewards.
  4. Mobilize your volunteers with great information they are interested in to keep them up to date.
  5. Combine your content with other like minded organizations and reach a larger audience.

The Math

If you have 100 volunteers and each volunteer can reach on average 200 people a month through social media...you can reach 20,000 people a month with your team!

Are you part of a non-profit organization?

We can help you reach more people. Mobilize your organization today!

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