The Klusster Distribution Engine

The Klusster Distribution Engine

You have a network. You have staff and a team. You want to collaborate to drive more distribution to your content. The Klusster Distribution Engine can Help!

Klusster is all about unlocking the power of a network to drive more traffic to your content, and to ultimately generate more leads for your business.

The Klusster Distribution Engine enables you to automatically push content right into the inbox of your network and your staff/team.  From that inbox, there is a 2 click process for that person to post your content to their social media.  Let's look at how this works!

Your Klusster Content and Your Klusster Publications:

First you need to set up your Klusster Portfolio with your content.  Your portfolio is all about you and your business.

  1. Set up your profile - in the drop-down menu from your profile photo in the nav bar, select "My Author Profile".  Here you can upload your Author Photo, your cover photo, your description and your contact details.
  2. Upload Content - you can copy over content you have previously created or you can write new content.  To learn more about creating content on Klusster, CLICK HERE.

Your Klusster Portfolio is the base page for you and your business.  Below is an example of a Klusster Portfolio Page for a Spa:

The Klusster Distribution Engine

Once you have content uploaded into your portfolio, you are ready to have your content published into a Klusster Publication.  You can start your own Klusster Publication(s), and/or you can submit your content to be published into a Klusster Publication managed by someone else.  To learn more about Klusster Publications, CLICK HERE.

The Klusster Distribution Engine


A Klusster Publication can have one content Contributor (who is usually also the Publicaton Manager), or a Klusster Publication can have multiple content contributors.  The image below is an example of a Klusster with multiple Contributors.  Notice that the second article in the Publication below is one of the articles from the Spa's Portfolio above.

The Klusster Distribution Engine

The key to the success of a Klusster is that the group of contributors is consistently working together in 2 ways:

  1. Submitting new Content into the Klusster on a regular basis so the group has new content to share.
  2. Sharing the Content of their fellow contributors to their social audiences on a regular basis so that each group member's content is getting visibility into the social audience of multiple members of the Klusster.

To learn how to submit content into a Klusster, CLICK HERE.


The Klusster Distribution Engine is what helps the group continually add value to each other by sharing each other's content.

When the Publication Manager accepts a new article, that article is the newest article published in their Klusster.  In the example above, the article "Compression Therapy for Legs" is the most recent article that the publication manager approved.

At the time the publication manager approves an article, the Distribution Engine is "Turned On"!  Each contributing member of the Klusster receives an email notifying them that there is new content to share in their Klusster.  From that email, each person can:

  1. View the Article.
  2. Share the article with just 2 clicks to the social platform of their choice.

Below is a screen capture of the "New Content" email when the most recent article was posted to this Klusster.  The newest article is first, and there are 2 other recent articles, just in case you missed those articles.

The Klusster Distribution Engine

From the email, you just need to select the social platform you want to share the article to.  If, for example, you chose to share this article to Facebook, just click the Facebook link in the email. The image below is the next screen you will see to create your social post.  The article is already embedded and you can include your own custom text above.  Next, click [POST].

The Klusster Distribution Engine

Once you have posted the article, your post will be live in your feed.  Below is an image of the Facebook post for this example article:

The Klusster Distribution Engine

If someone in my Facebook audience clicks on the link in this post, the Klusster article will open, and I will be attributed with one "click" in my Klusster Dashboard Statistics.


When you click on your "My Publications" Icon in the Nav Bar, you will see all of the publications you own yourself on the first tab and all of the publications you contribute to on the second tab.

The Klusster Distribution Engine

Select the which Publication Dashboard you want to view.  First you will see a graph of traffic.  The graph below is showing the overall traffic to this example Klusster called "Allied Marketers" that has had over 20,000 clicks/views so far:

The Klusster Distribution Engine

After scrolling past the chart, there is a list of all of the contributors who are in this Klusster.

The Klusster Distribution Engine

The first column shows the total number of clicks that member has BROUGHT to the content of their other members.

The second column shows the total number of clicks that member has RECEIVED from this Klusster overall.

Each member can also see their own numbers for the last 30 days as well.

These statistics help hold each member accountable because everyone else can see if they have been driving traffic to the Klusster's content.  Visibility brings accountability, which drives behaviour.

Klusster Team Alerts

The above is focused on a group of content contributors working together within one Klusster.  The Klusster Team Alerts Program allows businesses to amplify their reach by engaging their Staff and other Team members in the sharing of their content and the content in their Klusster(s).

Here's how it works:

Click on "My Team Members" in the dropdown from your profile photo.

On this page, you can upload the emails of as many staff or other team members as you would like.  When your team member accepts your invitation to join your team (they will receive a confirmation email that they will have to accept and create a login/password for their account), they are now officially part of your team.

Weekly, all of your confirmed team members will receive 2 emails (Monday and Thursday mornings), notifying them of the latest content from you and in your Klusster(s).  When your team member follows the sharing process outlined above, they too can quickly and easily post content to the social media platform of their choice.

As the team owner, you will also see the number of "Clicks" your team members have brought back to your content as a result of their social sharing.

Finally, if your team member is sharing content from a Klusster that you participate in as a member, any clicks they bring to that content will be allocated to your Statistics in the dashboard shown above.

Summary: Klusster Distribution Engine

The Klusster Distribution Engine is simple.  First each member uploads content to their Klusster.  Second each member shares content from their Klusster.

The Klusster Distribution Engine makes this process easy and accountable.  The new content notification emails proactively alert each member when new content is available to share, and the links from the email make it a 2-click process for a member to share any post to the social media platform of their choice.

The Publication Dashboard Statistics provide visibility to the activity of each member, and therefore hold each member accountable to positively contributing to the group.

Finally, you can engage your staff and other team members to explode the reach!

Just by working together with a coordinated group, you can get your content proactively distributed by so many people.  Leverage Klusster today to organize your distribution strategy and get your valuable content seen by more potential customers!