Your Content and Your Klusster Portfolio

Your Content and Your Klusster Portfolio

You have likely heard the term "Content is King". Here we share how Klusster can help you get more out of the content you have invested in creating.

Content is King.  We need content to be found online.  Host content on Klusster and increase your online presence.  Work with a group on Klusster to explode your online reach.


Klusster is a platform where you can host your content.  You might ask: "I have content on my website, so why would I host content on Klusster too?"

That's a great question!  Your web site is all about you.  It is your foundation.  It contains details about you, your business, your products, your services.  You might even have a blog tab, where you tell your stories, share your experience and provide your perspective.  This is all great.  In fact, this is all necessary.  However ... often web sites are destinations.  You are waiting for someone to find your website so they can learn all about you and your business.

It is very positive to have content by you/your business and about your/your business hosted in other locations throughout the internet.  When someone is  looking to learn about you and they find multiple sources where your content is hosted, this is a very positive thing that adds credibility to you and your business.

All of your content on the Klusster platform can be found through organic search.  If your content is optimized for a particular search term, your article will be visible to anyone searching that term on Google, for example.

Try this - go to Google and search "Kale vs Lettuce".  You will find that the first organic search result is a Klusster article called "Kale vs Lettuce".  Your articles can be found by searchers in the same way.

Finally - as you will see below, by hosting your content on Klusster, your content becomes part of a community of content, where you can leverage your content within different "Klusster Publications" to drive more visibility.


The content structure for every Klusster article has been strategically designed to build engagement with your audience.  Every piece of content has:

  1. A Call-To-Action or Lead Form that you customize for every Klusster article you write.  This is your opportunity to motivate your readers to reach out to you, and where you can build a funnel of engagement.
  2. Contact the Author - a form where your readers can reach you directly.
  3. Rating Form - when a reader provides a Star-Rating, they are also prompted to send you a message.
Your Content and Your Klusster Portfolio

Each time a reader fills in one of the above forms from your content, you receive an email right away notifying you that you have a lead to follow-up with, and the lead details are also stored in your "Lead Table" - found in your drop-down menu under "My Leads".

Your Content and Your Klusster Portfolio


You have several options when creating content on Klusster:

1) Leverage - The first option is to leverage content that you have already created.  Simply copy and paste the text/images/links etc from a blog or article you already have elsewhere. into the Klusster Content Editor.  Include a hyperlink from your Klusster article to the original post to give search engines clarity on where the original post is hosted.

2) Original Post - Original content is easy to create with Klusster.  The editor includes many helpful tools where you can format your content to engage your readers, you can upload images, and embed YouTube videos and SoundCould files and Iframes.  You should be sure to include hyperlinks to both your own Web Page (a great way to increase the number of backlinks to your own web site, which will help to improve the SEO for your web site), and to other sources you are referencing.

Take advantage of the Klusster SEO Rating tool.  The Rating Score builds as you build your article.  The higher the rating the better optimized your article is for SEO.  NOTE:  Be sure to include the "Topic Tags" on the second tab of the editor. This will inform the SEO Rating tool which key words you are targeting with your content.  The tool tip for the SEO Rating tool provide many helpful hints to help you improve your Rating.

Your Content and Your Klusster Portfolio


Your Klusster portfolio is the library of content you have uploaded to Klusster.  Your Portfolio Page includes lots of information about you and your business;  links to your web site, your contact information and links to your various social media pages.

When a reader comes to your portfolio page, they will see the breadth and depth of topics and information you share and are passionate about.

Your Content and Your Klusster Portfolio

Your Klusster Portfolio is like a Turn-Key Blog page all about you and your business.


Hosting your content in your Klusster portfolio is just the beginning!

The really exciting part of Klusster is the ability you now have to engage with a group to proactively work together to drive traffic to your content.

We accomplish this by creating Klusster Publications.  A Klusster publication is very similar to an eMagazine ... however now you can create your own eMagazine or Klusster ... where you can choose who your fellow content contributors are.

Furthermore, Klusster helps you work together to proactively drive traffic to your Klusster.  By working together as a group, each member will receive way more traffic to their content than they could drive by working alone.

To learn more about how Klusster Publications work, CLICK HERE.


In addition to collaborating with a group of other content creators to drive more traffic, Klusster helps you engage your staff and team members as well to help distribute content about your business.

Simply go to "My Team Members" in the drop down menu from your profile photo in the nav bar.

Your Content and Your Klusster Portfolio

Once on your "My Team Members" page, you can add as many team member emails as you would like.  Once you upload a team member email, that person will receive a confirmation email to confirm that they would like to join your team.  Once they confirm their email, they will receive weekly emails with the most recent content in your Klusster Publication(s).  From each email, your Team Members will have a 2 click process to share your content to the social media channel of their choice.

As your team members being readers back to your content, you will see how many "clicks" each team member has brought back to your Klusster content.

Example: A restaurant owner wants to have their team of servers involved in promoting the weekly specials.  Klusster provides a quick and easy system to get the latest info right into the inbox of your staff, who will benefit from a quick and easy process to post the restaurant's content to their social audiences.

A powerful tool to quickly and easily engage your team in your content distribution.  Learn More about the Klusster Team Alerts Program CLICK HERE.


If you are ready to get started, the first step is to upload your first Klusster article.  Click the [Create] button on the top right of your screen to Get Started!

Your Content and Your Klusster Portfolio