What is a "Klusster" or "Klusster Publication"?

What is a "Klusster" or "Klusster Publication"?

Klusster is all about working with a group/network/community to drive more distribution to the group’s content.

This is achieved by “Klusstering” your content with others, whose content/products/services are complimentary to yours, in a Klusster Publication.

A Klusster Publication is similar to an eMagazine where there are new articles submitted into the Klusster on a regular basis by approved contributors.  However, the biggest difference between a Klusster and an eMagazine is that the group of Klusster contributors work together to drive distribution to the Klusster's content.  The distribution is achieved by each group member sharing content contributed by other members to their social media audience.  By sharing each other's content, the group gets visibility into the social audiences of the other members.


If one Klusster Publication had 10 contributing members, and if each member has 1000 people in their social media audience, the collective reach of the group is 10,000.  Just by collaborating together, each group member has effectively increased their social reach by a factor of 10x!

Furthermore, if the group has similar services/products, then you can assume the demographic of their social audiences has similar interests, and by one member of the group sharing content from another member, this is a valuable online referral!

When one member brings a reader back to their Klusster, we also know that readers typically read 2-3 other articles.  This is is another benefit of working with a group!  The network effect benefits everyone when a reader discovers your Klusster.


Example:   A network of local professionals who are focused on helping their clients live healthier lives forms a Klusster called "Living Your Best Life".

If you were the Pilates instructor, how valuable would it be if the Chiropractor shared your article, "The Benefits of Pilates"?  Or, if you owned an organic juice bar, how valuable would it be if the local spa shared your article, "The Benefits of Juicing" to their audience?

Each professional has an audience who is interested in healthy living.  Additionally, each professional wants to provide information and content that adds value to their audience.  In addition to their own content, by collaborating together through their Klusster Publication, they can quickly and easily share content from their fellow members to their social.  By integrating content from other professionals, each member shows they are connected in their community, and are a resource for other services and information related to healthy living.

The "Living Your Best Life" Klusster becomes a great resource for people in the community looking for resources and services around healthy living.

There is tremendous value of collaborating with a group of professionals whose products/services compliment your own!


Each Klusster Publication is organized by a Publication Manager.  The manager is the one who:

  • sets up the Klusster
  • controls WHO contributes content into their Klusster
  • determines WHEN content is published into the Klusster.

The Publication Manager is the gate keeper for everything that happens in their Klusster Publication and is therefore responsible for the quality control of the Klusster. The manager is the one who can accept or decline any request they receive for publishing content into their Klusster.


Here’s how it works:

1) Start a Klusster: Click the "My Publications" icon.

What is a "Klusster" or "Klusster Publication"?

Navigate to your Klusster Publications

What is a "Klusster" or "Klusster Publication"?

Click the [+ New Publication] button to start your Klusster Publication

By starting a Klusster Publication, you become the Publication Manager.

2) Brand your publication with a Title, Logo, description and cover Photo.

3) Upload your own content to your Klusster Publication.

4) Invite others to contribute their content to your Klusster Publication.

From the "Home Page" of your new Klusster Publication, a new potential contributor to your Klusster can click on the [+ Submit Content] button below the Publication Manager's name, select the article from their portfolio they want published in your Klusster, and submit their request to you to have their article published in your Klusster.
What is a "Klusster" or "Klusster Publication"?

5) Work together as a connected group to drive distribution to the group’s content. The Klusster Distribution Engine helps your Klusster contributors stay engaged and notifies each contributor when new content is published to your Klusster Publication.  From the notification email, each contributor can quickly and easily share the latest content to their social audiences.

Many hands make light work!


Search the Klusster platform for publications that may be relevant to you by searching terms in the Klusster search bar that align with your business.  Click the [Publications] button to see a list of publications results for that search term.  Click on the publications that look interesting to see what their content is like and if your content could be a good fit with the group.

If you want to submit your content into a Klusster that is managed by someone else, you can first send the Klusster Manager a message through the "Contact Manager" tool (shown in the image above in the Publication Manager section) to introduce yourself and initiate a conversation about your potential fit with their Klusster.

OR, you can click the [+ Submit Content] button (also shown above) to submit a request with your article directly to the publication manager.

When the Publication Manager accepts your request, your article will be the newest article in that Klusster Publication, and you will become an official contributor to that Klusster.


Whether you are managing a Klusster or you are a contributor to a Klusster, the most successful Klussters are ones that are well organized, and where all the contributing members proactively share each other's content on a regular basis.

The Klusster Distribution Engine helps keep the group of contributors engaged, and proactively engages each contributor when there is new content in the Klusster to share.

Here's how it works:

  1. The Publication Manager receives a request to publish a new article into their Klusster.
  2. If the Publication Manager accepts the request, that article is the newest article posted into the Klusster.
  3. AND Each Member of that Klusster receives a notification email letting them know there is new content from their Klusster to share.
  4. Directly from the notification email, with just 2 clicks, each member can create a post of that article directly to the social media platform of their choice.

Keeping members informed when there is new content available to share, and making the sharing process quick and easy keeps all members active without much effort at all!


Every Klusster has a dashboard where you can see lots of great information.

Click the "My Publication" icon (shown above) and then select which Klusster Dashboard you wish to view.  NOTE: your Klusster Publications are organized into 2 tabs - Klussters you Own/Manage yourself (My Publications) and Klussters you Contribute content into that are managed by someone else (Group/Peer Publications).

First, you will see a graph of the clicks your own content has received in that Klusster, and you can also see a graph of the overall traffic the Klusster as a whole has received.

As you scroll down, you will see the stats related to each contributor in that Klusster.  The first column shows the total number of clicks each contributing member has BROUGHT to the Klusster as a result of sharing another contributor's content.  The second column shows the total number of clicks your content has received from the Klusster.  The third and fourth columns show the same numbers - but for the last 30 days.

These numbers are very powerful.  Visibility to the performance of each member fosters the accountability each member has to the overall success of the Klusster.


Klusster is a platform of many, many Klusster Publications.  You now have the opportunity to work with many other content producers and publish your content into multiple Klussters!

You can manage multiple Klussters yourself and/or you can also contribute to other Klussters that are managed by someone else.  You can publish the same article into as many Klussters as makes sense to you.

Just remember - the key is that when you contribute your content to a Klusster, you are an active participant in that Klusster, by sharing the content of your fellow members.  Consistent engagement by all members of a group amplifies the group's value to all members.