People Helping People

People Helping People

Seeing positive results from people wearing VoxxLife HPT neurological tech fuels my mission to help more people. Here is one story that brought tears of joy.

People Helping People

The reason I am so excited to be a part of VoxxLife HPT is the results from the people I am helping with the socks and insoles.

  • We can clearly state that the products instantly improve balance, stability, flexibility and range of motion.
  • We can clearly state from clinical studies that the product improves neuropathy caused by diabetes and plantar fasciitis.

So much More is Happening

Some of the other pain relief we are seeing is remarkable and perhaps when the body gets into homeostasis (balance) and the spine is more aligned it reduces stress on the body and in doing so perhaps pain would improve.

How it works on each person is individual, and I can only share what I am hearing from my clients.

Client testimony

As many of you know, I am a stylist! I have a client who has Parkinson's and has had for 25 yrs.

As a stylist, trying to cut or use a curling iron can be a challenge depending on her tremors...some days i have had to say sorry we just cannot cut today. She bought pair of socks from me in September.One month later, while mostly wearing her sandals not the socks; she said they made no difference.

Finally the cold weather came and i asked her to only wear Voxx and she did!. the end of Dec and to this day her tremors last 5 min...SERIOUSLY she stills perfectly still while I do her hair! Her daughter commented while here on a visit, ”MOM you never used your cane in the house once!”

Today we talked and she is never without her socks and said she does not care what she is wearing...she can play cards and hold them...things you and I take for granted.

This is truly amazing and yes we both had tears!

There are many neurological conditions that this technology can improve. Here is a video of Daisy who has MS. Watch how her tremors STOP when she steps on the technology in the insoles.

VoxxLife HPT

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