Voxxenial Director - Kim MacDermott

Voxxenial Director - Kim MacDermott

25 years of owning her own Salon Kim meets a variety of people and helping them look good and feel better with natural health products is Kim's passion.

Located in Kitchener, Ontario

Kim joined VoxxLife in July 2017 as an associate and is now a Director.

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Kim MacDermott, VoxxLIfe Director

For 40 years Kim has been helping people look their best as a hair stylist and the past 25 years as an owner of her home-based Salon, KYM's Hair Design.

Kim sets her goals and follows through. When she wanted to change her look to a smaller version she found a great company with healthy products and a protein shake that helped her reach her goal. She maintains her goal by starting her day with the same healthy Protein Shake.

Kim is a grandmother to five wonderful grand kids, and family comes first and foremost.

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Kim's Grand Kids

Athletic Performance and Voxx HPT

At the age of 35, Kim decided to get active with sports.

She plays baseball, hockey, golf and in the winter ski's.

In July of 2017, Kim visited her chiropractor and was shown Voxx Socks. Very skeptical at first she researched the technology and decided to buy three pair. Her personal results in less pain and restless legs at night impressed her. When she wore the knee-highs playing baseball she saw a big difference in her performance with better balance, stability and range of motion. She introduced the socks and insoles to her team and then a few more teams and the rest is history. She is building an amazing team of people helping people and sharing them with her hockey teams too.

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Baseball Team with Kim Orton-MacDermottKim

Kim is building an amazing VoxXenial team with people helping people and sharing them with her hockey team too. If you are looking to improve your game with better balance, stability, and more range of movement,

Kim is the person to contact.

VoxXenials, People Helping People, VoxxLife

Kim Orton-MacDermott Hockey Team

Kim can't wait till the ski season opens to feel how they impact her performance and we are sure we will see Kim in the Ski Loft sharing her Voxx Socks and Insoles with all the active skiers.

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