Voxxenials Director - Kim Galbraith

Voxxenials Director - Kim Galbraith

Kim works as a Hospice Nurse caring for those nearing their new journey and their families so being able to assist in their comfort is important.

Located in Waterloo, Ontario

Kim began her journey with VoxxLife in 2016. She is a Director with a lovely team of people helping people learn about the Voxx Neuro Technology.

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Kim Galbraith Director with VoxxLife HPT

Kim Galbraith is a Hospice Nurse, nurturing others comes naturally to her. Doing so with products free from harsh chemicals is vital to the health of her family and others she works with. Educating others on their options has become a passionate journey for Kim.

Kim says:

"My J.O.B. is a nurse in a Hospice, and I see people who are suffering with terminal dis-ease every day. Watching their families hoping for more quality time or at least making their loved ones final days as comfortable as possible can be very stressful at times. I wish that I had known them long before they reached the Hospice and that perhaps some of my research into natural ways to heal the body may have given them more quality time together."

VoxxLife was introduced to KIm iand her husband, in the summer of 2016 and she was very interested in seeing if it would help her back and being able to work out again. It did! Her husband began wearing the socks and insoles and when they both saw the benefits in their own wellness it was a no brainer that they had to tell others about it.

Voxxenials, People Helping People, VoxxLife

Kim and Rob VoxxLife

Kim passionately represents the benefits of Kangan Water and now has added Voxx Neuro Technology to the ways she can help people feel better and live longer happy whole lives.

Voxxenials People Helping People, VoxxLife

Kim Galbraith Director with VoxxLife

You can visit Kim's VoxxLife Website HERE She would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect product

For more information on Kangen Water please visit her WEBSITE

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Voxxenials, People Helping People

kim Galbraith Kangen Water

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