Electrolyzed reduced water is....

Electrolyzed reduced water is....

...Alkaline ionized water. Electrolyzed reduced water is the name used by chemists for alkaline water with antioxidant potential.

Timing is everything...

...and Water is the most essential element on Earth. Everyone is becoming more Health conscience, therefore Kangen Water® is becoming the most powerful product in the World.

ROBERT WRIGHT, DIRECTOR, AMERICAN ANTI-CANCER INSTITUTE, an organization that educates people worldwide regarding the real truth about cancer. After over 25 years of private study, Mr. Wright has emerged as an authentic American “cancer whisperer,” counseling cancer patients free of charge since his founding of the Institute in 2008. With skill and compassion, he teaches cancer patients how to correct the underlying metabolic basis of the disease in order to elicit their own body’s healing response. It works. There is nothing more gratifying for Bob Wright than having a hand in saving a life. Healing cancer is his passion.

Robert Wright refers to Kangen Water®

Certificate of Authenticity for Preventative Medicine

Electrolyzed reduced water is....


Since 1974, Enagic has specialized in providing in-home, alkaline water ionization technologies. Our mission is to provide true health and wellness internationally with our Gold-Standard product line. Enagic is proud to be one of the only water purification and ionization companies in the world that carries four distinct certifications from the Water Quality Association (WQA) - one of the oldest and most prestigious international not-for-profit trade associations in the world. The WQA has honored Enagic with the Gold Seal, a highly-distinguished award that is only given to the most reliable and trusted producers of quality drinking water. The level of excellence, quality, and care demonstrated by Enagic has set this leading company apart from every other water ionizer producer around the globe.

Electrolyzed reduced water is....

Water is the basis of all life and that includes your body. Your muscles that move your body are 75% water; your blood that transport nutrients is 82% water; your lungs that provide your oxygen are 90% water; your brain that is the control center of your body is 76% water; even your bones are 25% water.

Our health is truly dependent on the quality and quantity of the water we drink.

Killing Cancer NOT People Book by Robert Wright