Voxxlife Products and Performance

Voxxlife Products and Performance

VoxxSol Performance Insoles

The Voxx Insole incorporating Voxx HPT is designed for any user who wants ultimate comfort, wellness and performance in whatever they do. Tests show relief from foot pain, increased balance, strength, and range of motion. Voxxsols are proven to be 98% effective at relieving plantar fasciitis.

The VoxxSol outperforms and offers more benefits than custom orthotics at a fraction of the price and have an easy to use trim-to fit design.

Voxxlife Products and Performance

Voxx Classic Insole

All insoles come with the characterisitics noted in pic below. There is however, just a wee difference in the three. Yellow which is Classic, Blue which is Bliss, and Red which is Rush.

Voxxlife Products and Performance

This isn't your run-of-the-mill insole.  It's a performance insole.

A new kind of footwear that increases your strength, balance, stamina and range of motion.

VoxxSol uses our proprietary VoxxHPT technology and application of neuro-points to potentiate the function of the brain-stem, instantly increasing your potential and comfort.

Feel better, stronger and more balanced with VoxxSol and discover your full athletic potential.

Voxx Bliss Insole

Voxxlife Products and Performance

VOXXBliss is the all day “feel good” footwear solution.

Designed to fit almost any sneakers, boots or work shoes, the VOXXBliss Insoles offer the perfect combination of improved stability, pain relief and all day energy.

Voxx Rush Insole

Voxxlife Products and Performance

You train so hard. If you are looking to improve your performance at the biggest moments, maximize your workouts and find out your true limits, you need to put VOXXRush insoles to work for you.

Does Voxxsol Really Work?

The Claim

The company claims that you will instantly feel comfort and be free from pain once you have inserted these insoles into your favorite shoes and begin to put them to use.They say that it will help your strength and your balance as well as improve your range of motion. They indicate that you can look forward to increased energy


There is a lot of detailed information about this product that we found to be quite supportive. It has actually been tested for its use for the sports minded individuals. It has shown to increase power by 25% and balance by 10% along with some other specific improvement data. Just as importantly is the common sense approach it has taken to foot pain in general, and how one foot will compensate for the other when one foot is affected more than the other.

Final Voxxsol Review

The Voxxsol product is getting a Thumbs Up review rating from us for several reasons. As mentioned the research and testing that has gone into the product is quite extensive. You can see by the data provided that it is based on common sense and is easy to understand why these insoles have the capability of providing good results. The price is reasonable, and the testimonies that are provided with the marketing data seem authentic and honest. They are providing a good solution for a variety of different circumstances which makes them versatile. Before you make your final decision especially if you have been giving some thought to insoles prior to this then check out our review on Walkfit Platinum.