Kangen water.... not just for drinking!

Kangen water.... not just for drinking!

2.5pH Strong Kangen water explained

Strong Acidic Water 2.5 pH - not drinkable

Strong Acidic Water 2.5 pH works as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungus agent. This water kills bacteria on an average of within 30 seconds. Because of this, the water is stronger than popular disinfectants and its use is multi-purpose. Strong Acidic water was approved for disinfecting food products in June 2002, in accordance with the Food Hygiene Law, under the name hypochlorous acid water. I like to use large spray bottles for the Strong Acidic water because it makes it easier to use on the skin, counter tops, produce, etc. It is best to store this water in dark containers and refrigerate it.

Kangen water.... not just for drinking! Kangen water.... not just for drinking!

Wound disinfecting

Use 2.5 pH water if you have an open wound such as a cut.

As a result, the disinfecting of the wound is complete, promoting faster healing.


Gargle with 2.5 pH to completely disinfect your mouth.

People with gum infections can effectively fight back by gargling once a day with strong acidic water. You can also disinfect your tooth brush.

Hand disinfecting

You can use a spray bottle with strong acidic water to sanitize your hands, so that you can perfectly disinfect your hands

Kitchen use

Use 2.5 pH water on your cutting boards, counters and pans to completely eliminate bacteria.


Disinfect your toilet, shower and bath with this water so that they are free of bacteria.


Children all to often put toys in their mouths. With strong acidic 2.5 pH water you can ensure that the toys are perfectly clean and free of bacteria.

Skin disorders

Skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis can be helped by a simple treatment with strong acidic water. Through the complete disinfecting that purges all bacteria, the healing process can begin.

In the video below, users have achieved amazing results.

Dr. Michael Explains Electrolyzed Hypochlorous Acid 2.5 pH Kangen

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