Because of their versatility, shirts have become a staple in our daily wardrobe. T-shirts can be used as a blank canvas to create artwork in a way that other

clothing cannot. This means there are infinite design possibilities for t-shirts.

A great shirt can make a big statement for businesses and even bachelor parties. No matter what message you are trying to convey, a t-shirt can be designed to stress that particular message. The market is flooded with literally enormous t-shirt designs. However, in this blog post, we are going to narrow down our attention to the ones that are trending red-hot in 2021.

• 3D Typography

This is a perfect example of a t-shirt design trend that grew out of modern "can do" possibilities. Although this trend is not new, it has been influenced by the advancement of graphic software and modern technology to a great degree. By using cutting-edge equipment, designers can work their way out to unique designs.

• Famous Personalities

Who does not like to wear their favorite personalities on the chest? Guess what? These t-shirts give you the opportunity to do that. From Abraham Lincoln to Fredrick Douglass t-shirts, there is no shortage of iconic figures. Unlike the past, these shirts are not only reserved for adults. Fredrick Douglass t-shirts for kids are readily available in the market at reasonable prices.

• Repeated words

Sometimes, you need to repeat something in order to get your message across. This trend not only makes a point, but it also creates a well-designed shirt.

• Strong Statements

These bold designs have seen an increase in popularity in a year when we are expected to be more civil and limited in our in-person conversations. This is a design trend that is particularly effective when you support a cause, political campaign, or social movement. Just like Fredrick Douglass republican t-shirts, attiring strong statement t-shirts make you stand out.

• Tarot Cards

We love the idea of wearing tarot cards on shirts. Each artist adds their own spin to this classic design motif. Tarot cards are a great source of inspiration because they offer a variety of elements, including unique imagery, symbolism, and aesthetics. This design style is great for anyone looking to visually represent their message in a symbolic way.

• Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse has been used as a marketing tool for decades. In the 40s, Mickey Mouse was first popularized on T-shirts. Despite nearly 8 decades down the line, mickey mouse t-shirts are still loved and lauded by children and grown-ups alike.

• Hand-Made Illustrations

The ability of human hands to tell stories both literally and metaphorically is amazing. Sign language and hand symbols are indeed extremely powerful. They are a subtle way to communicate your message in your t-shirt design. You can use them, however, to express a sense of connection, companionship, and community.

• Handwritten Text

2021 is all for individuality. Bring a distinctive tone to your t-shirt designs with hand-drawn text or illustrations--nothing expresses your personality and mood better than a handwritten message.

• Flipped And Arched Text

Although most designers preferred organic shapes in 2020, 2021 is the year of refined curves. This trend can be applied to typography or matched the curvy elements of your design with the text. With flipped and arched text, it's easy to transform an ordinary tee shirt into something extraordinary.

• Bendy Bodies

Add bendy characters to your design to give it personality. These playful characters, which are often hand-drawn with bright colors, are a great way for you to show your creativity and give human figures a little more personality.

The Concluding Remarks

Back in the day, t-shirts were limited to a handful of designs. So much so, until recently, manufacturing a Fredrick Douglass t-shirt without a photo was an impossible task. Luckily, we have outlived that era now. All thanks to the latest technological inventions.