How Clean Skin Will Wipe Years Away

How Clean Skin Will Wipe Years Away

Look younger by keeping your skin clear.

We have all heard that the skin is the largest organ of our bodies by size, meaning from head to toes. Our skin is an amazing environment with benefits that we take for granted. For instance:

- skin keeps us from dehydrating by holding body fluids

- staves off harmful microbes

- contains nerves that give us our feeling of hot, cold, and pain

- the skin contains capillaries that help to keep our body temperature normal

In essence, our skin keeps us safe from our environments and it helps to keep us healthy. It is our protection against cuts, bruises, scratches and more. The skin takes the brunt of these injuries long before it could reach our bones, organs, or our muscles.

Our Skin Does What?

Our skin makes vitamin D through cellular changes. There is a correlation between the sun and our skin whereby the skin when touched by the sun absorbs its rays and further creates vitamin D. You know that vitamin D increases our bone strength, plus many other health benefits.

Yes, too much sun can also cause skin damage. Take precautions to keep the skin safe by wearing protective clothing, wear brimmed hats, and use the right SPF sunscreen. Also, don't spend a lot of time in the sun.

Our environment is fast becoming a bombardment of harsh contaminants and bacteria unlike years past. The skin works hard to block them, but in so doing, it can become clogged and is unable to breathe. This is the external war but there is an internal battle of contaminants that are released by the body that is a natural process.

This process is called sweat and oils that reaches the surface of the skin. Is there any wonder that we should keep the layers of our amazing skin clean and free from contaminants. Firstly, it is to keep us healthy and free from anti-aging wrinkles, pimples, acne breakouts, and other skin problems.

Aging Is Just A Number With Clean Skin

How often should we cleanse our skin? How about three times a day, i.e., morning, afternoon, and night. For example, at night, we should cleanse our skin from the day's activities and makeup regiments. In the morning we cleanse our skin to give it a healthy wakeup glow.

By wakeup, it is known that as we sleep our skin is repairing and growing new protective layers. Now, the afternoon cleanse is to simply use a Thrive fragrant toner and astringent atomizer touchup for the arms, neck, and face if you're not wearing makeup as part of an anti-aging skin regimen.

By the way, the Thrive skin reviews talk about how these products are so natural. They leave your skin so clean with the use of CBD. Today's marketplace is touting products like the Thrive skincare line because people of all ages are calling for products that keep our skin healthy and young looking.

Our Skin Protects Us – We Should Protect Our Skin

What we don't want to do to harm our protective skin layers is to use products, like harsh soap that could strip away the invisible protective moisturized oils. Also, our stressful lifestyle could rob our skin from a healthy glow.

Instead, let's watch our diet and fill our bodies with lots of water, fresh fruits, proteins, veggies, and grains. Let us also exercise our bodies. The skin will thank you that you have enabled it to breathe, allow the body to cool down internally and externally.