Benefits of Ditching the Car and Taking the Bike

Benefits of Ditching the Car and Taking the Bike

There are many benefits to ditching your car and taking your bike around town. Here are a few things to think of.

The world is a diverse place and this includes preferred modes of transportation. Many places in Europe have limits on motor vehicle use within the city limits. The United States has not picked up on the benefits of this form of transportation just yet. In fact it has been found that fewer than 4% of the population in the U.S. uses a bike to commute to and from work. With the world becoming smaller with the use of the internet more and more people are starting to find out the benefits of biking.

Health Benefits

It should go without saying that riding a bike is much better exercise than sitting in a vehicle will have. One study found that people who rode a bike or even walked to work on a daily basis lowered their chances of having some pretty nasty diseases. Some of those nasty diseases include silent killers such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and coronary heart disease. The health benefits of riding a bike for daily commuting is just one of the many reasons why more and more people are starting to sell car online.


Of course everyone knows that motor vehicles cause air pollution. Everyone should also be aware of how dangerous pollution is to their respiratory health. This is just another great reason that people should start using a bike for daily commuting. According to an article in Reader's Digest the city of Zurich is one of the least polluted cities in the world. This seems to be due to the forms of transportation in the city. Most people ride bikes or walk to places they need to go. They do use public transportation but private vehicles are frowned on. The same low air pollution is also found in Finland and for the same reasons. Finland actually has 2,400 miles of bike lanes built throughout it.


People who chose to sell their cars and use a bike to commute with find they save a lot of money. Gas is not a factor to operate a bicycle so this is just a common sense savings. The cost to upkeep a bike is much cheaper than paying for the upkeep of a motor vehicle. The annual savings of not having to pay for automobile insurance is another benefit of using a bike for commuting purposes. People who ride a bike to work will often find a discount on their health insurance premiums as well. Riding or walking to work also lowers out of pocket expenses on health problems.


Getting fit may fall under the category of health benefits when it comes to riding a bike, but people also lose weight to look good. Muscle tone is one of the many perks that are obtained when one chooses to ditch the car and take a bike to work. People who use a bike daily for long commutes get one of the best thigh and glute workouts there is. Riding a bike also burns calories and speeds up metabolism.

If one were to weight the pro’s and con’s of riding a bike for daily commutes versus driving a car the scale would be heavily unbalanced. With health perks, money savings, a great bod, and helping to keep the planet green all on the bike’s side it is hard to dispute it.