Easy Christmas Crafts for Your Kids

Easy Christmas Crafts for Your Kids

Kids love the holidays, and crafts are a great activity for them!

With Christmas just around the corner, your kids are most likely jumping up and down with excitement. There’s magic in the air, and you catch them staring out the window watching the red lights from planes and thinking it’s Rudolph. Christmas is a wonderful time to be a kid because of all the stories, crafts, cookies, and games. To keep our kids contagious with Christmas Spirit, here are some great and easy crafts that you can do with them as you prepare for Christmas.

1. Popsicle Christmas Tree Ornament

If you’re looking for something that your kids can make quickly and without a lot of mess. All you need is three popsicle sticks, some sparkles, green paint, and some paper. From there, the rest is incredibly easy. Glue the three popsicle sticks together to make a triangle. Cut out a square from the piece of paper and color it brown. Then cut out a star and color it yellow. Now paint the triangle of the Christmas tree green and add some sparkles or anything else you can find and use as tiny Christmas ornaments on the tree. Glue the star to the top point of the tree and the trunk to the flat base of the tree. Glue a string to the top to hang on the tree, and you have a beautiful little ornament!

2. Snowman Kit Ornament

For the next craft, your kids will have a blast, and you’ll be able to keep it on your tree for years. You will need a clear ornament (plastic or sturdy glass), fake snow (or white glitter), two tiny twigs, a few tiny black pebbles, and an orange sprinkle or tiny triangular cut out of paper colored orange. Once you have everything pulled together, the rest of the project is fun and simple. Have your kids pour the fake snow into the ornament until it is half full. Then add the rest of the ingredients one by one. Cover the top of the ornament so nothing can fall out and you have your snowman. Your kids will love to play with it and see all of the little pieces of the snowman jumbled around inside of the ornament. Just make sure that they don’t try to dump out the pieces and try to rebuild the snowman.

3. Christmas Fort

For the next one, you might need some room, but it will keep the kids busy for hours. For mothers and fathers who have trouble finding the time to wrap presents, this craft will keep them busy. Set it all up in the garage (you might need some room so feel free to put up your Scion TC for sale, or just move it out of the garage for a day or two). Bring out a ton of cardboard boxes, glitter, paint, crayons, scissors and all of the other art supplies. Make sure that they have an adult present to help out. Now challenge them to make a castle out of the cardboard boxes. Have the adult there to work the glue gun to glue all of the pieces together so that they won’t fall apart. The adult will have a blast helping out with this one since it requires a lot of building and skill. You might also bring out some cotton balls for snow. This craft requires very little actual steps and a whole lot of imagination.

You should take the time to do most of the crafts with your kids rather than leaving them alone to do it. Christmas is a great opportunity to play with your kids and to love them and help them to treat others with kindness. During the Christmas season, make sure that you’re also teaching your children the importance of serving the people around them. Maybe make some fun Christmas crafts for your neighbors and then go around handing them out. It will make Christmas mean so much more to them.