How Not Going To College Will Help You Get Into A Great College

How Not Going To College Will Help You Get Into A Great College

Sometimes the best thing you can do to get into the college of your dreams, is to not go to college. Here's why.

Throughout school, students are constantly told that they need to go to college right after they graduate. Students are told that, if they do not go to college, they will be pushed into a dead end in life. There is some truth to this as having an education past high school is helpful in many jobs, but it is not the whole truth. Taking a gap year can be an excellent way to get ahead in life.

Benefits of a Gap Year

After graduating from high school, many students are excited to finally be free. They have just finished school, and they now will have the opportunity to relax for a while. Of course, the excitement is short-lived for many students once the fall semester rolls around, and it is time to move in to a dorm. To avoid the overwhelming amount of emotion that comes with graduation and college, students should consider a gap year between the last year of high school and the first year of college.

A gap year presents a few opportunities that are unique to students who choose to take one. For example, a gap year allows one to take education more seriously after taking a year to understand and explore the world. People who take a gap year also have more time to think about what they want to study. Students can also build-up the resume and gain work experience. There are cons, such as forgetting some of the information learned in high school, but they can be overcome with proper diligence.

Exploring Other Cultures

Taking a gap year presents students with the ability to travel outside of their home country and explore cultures of other people. This is an excellent advantage to have on college applications, jobs, and life. Some students may do this alone or with a group of friends, but others will use gap year programs after high school to explore the world around them.

Students who travel will have a deeper understanding of the world, which will allow them to be more empathetic for the struggles of those around them. These students will also be able to understand the diverse needs and traditions of other people. Traveling can also help a person calm down before tackling a college degree. Most traditional students will not have had this opportunity in such an immersive fashion, which places gap year students at a great advantage.

A Great College

While some time during a gap year should be used to relax, it should also be taken seriously. A gap year is an excellent time to cultivate and acquire skills that are needed for college and adult life. A student taking a gap year should be certain to use this time to their advantage.

While on the gap year, a person will be able to come understand their passion and life goals. A person who uses a gap year will also be able to understand how to help benefit the world by achieving their goals. Colleges love to see drive and motivation like this, so a gap year, if used properly, can make a good application into an excellent application. A person who takes a gap year should use that time to prove to the best colleges that they are someone who can change the world.


Taking a gap year may seem like a poor choice to parents and other family members, but this does not have to be the case. By using the gap year to explore one's passions, motivations, and world, a person is setting themselves up for a wonderful future in college. When properly taken advantage of, a gap year will help a person reduce their stress and improve their college application all at the same time.