Three Amazing Ways to Get Kids Moving

Three Amazing Ways to Get Kids Moving

If you've ever been shocked to hear your child say, "I'm tired" or "I'm bored," there is a good chance your child is like many others of their generation. We live in a world where our kids can't ride their bikes until the streetlights come on and the sun goes down because it's no longer safe to do so. We also live in a world where kids are relying more and ore on technology for fun. It's time to cut the cords, and get back to playing. Here is three awesome ways to get your kids active again.

1. Family Coupons

If you've ever wanted to get motivated about getting up and going, this is a fun activity you can do with your kids. Cut out several pieces of paper. You can make them as big or as small as you want.

Sit down with your kids, and do a brainstorming activity with them. Ask them about the things they'd like to do. If they have legible handwriting or can read their own writing, have them write down activities they'd like to do with you. Write down your own ideas too. It can be something as simple as going for a walk, creating a photo scavenger hunt or holding a relay race.

When you create these coupons, you must commit to doing so many per day. You and your kids will have a lot of fun randomly choosing your fun activities, and it will help you to get some exercise in. Since your kids get the chance to spend extra time with you, you can be sure that they'll remind you about what you will be doing. If you need extra energy to keep up with your kids, products like Le-Vel Thrive can help. Also, getting up and moving helps to increase energy too.

Family Fun Nights and Days

While you want a relaxing day to ease into the work week, you need to schedule some time with your kids to have fun. For instance, Saturday can be your "So, so active day." You can use your coupons on Saturday too. Dare to do five of them or as many as you can. You might want to get in a nap during the day, but create a modified triathlon of sorts. Play ball in the park, go fishing or kayak. There are no rules on how you do your triathlon.

During the week, have a day dedicated to being silly or being a kid. This is your time to be a kid again. Run around, chase your kids, play tag or do some other silly activity with them. Ask them what kind of games they play at school, and introduce them to some of your old pastimes when you were little. Some kids in the current generation have never played double dutch or tetherball. Some don't know what a merry-go-round is. Show them what it was like when you were little, and have fun doing those activities.

Outdoor Toys

One of the best ways of getting kids outside is to get them outdoor toys. Get them sidewalk chalk, and show them how to play hopscotch. There are a number of outdoor toys that are low cost. Balls, mitts, bats, pins and other toys cost a few dollars each, and they'll have a lot of fun running around playing. Even if you get your kids something like bubbles, at least they will be outside. You can get trampolines, bounce houses, slides and other higher cost items to play with that'll help change things up.

Kids pass through childhood quickly. Getting them activities helps to add to wonderful memories that will help shape them to be wonderful adults.