How to Treat Yourself to Avoid Negative Thought Patterns

How to Treat Yourself to Avoid Negative Thought Patterns

Take a step back from your negative thoughts and treat yourself to self-love.

There are many times in our lives when we go through phases of negative thinking. This can be due to medications, sickness, or poor diet. It is easy to focus only on the negative parts of your life because those aspects can be the subject of intense thought. It is hard to live up to the false standards of success in life presented by Hollywood that are designed to make us covet everything expensive and trendy.

Everything has its Curses and Perfections

Eliminating what you perceive to be the negative aspects of yourself may seem like the quickest way to achieve happiness. However, nothing in life is ever that cut and dry. This is because life is very random, and things have a tendency of balancing out in the long run. In a sense, we can find that there is no real advantage to anything. A sharp ax may be better at chopping down trees. However, a dull ax is more profitable for building strength that allows you to chop down more trees when it is eventually sharpened.

Chance and time dictate the ups and downs of our lives. The prison that holds us in psychological bondage is often based upon our desire to be normal and to meet the criteria of virtues that are valued by the public at large. We want the popular things that everyone else is striving for: money, success, friends, lovers, beauty, intelligence, respect, and creature comforts. Most people desire to have full control of their lives that allows them to build that storybook fairytale. In falling into this delusion of normalcy, we pigeon-hole ourselves and limit our potential to do great humanitarian things. We are afraid to try new things and to take our own separate paths in life.

Social trends define our lives and manipulate us into striving for worthless fish prizes instead of seeking wisdom to focus on the weighty things in life. Instead of trying to enlarge ourselves independently, we are being rewarded for accepting a small role in slaving for giant corporations. We are held in a delusion of bondage that we have to follow the herd and will be shunned if we express individual traits that are contrary to the status quo.

Commercial Nihilism

If we fall into the thought processes that emphasize too much on following the fleeting worldly trends of commercial nihilism such as consumerism, we will never be truly happy. Large corporations study our irrational consumer behaviors and know just how to push the buttons to manipulate us into believing lies that we are powerless and low in the order of the world. They know that women are more likely to respond to commercials that have warm family pictures of children, puppies, and flowers to sell everything from perfume to feminine hygiene products. The bandwagon effect deludes us to believe that the things we buy will make us happy and that our insignificant work has a profound effect on the world. In reality, everything we are doing is nothing short of nihilism.

Treating Ourselves Kindly Allows Us to Help Others in the Same Manner

Treating ourselves and pampering ourselves with creature comforts can lead us to accomplish more. Many people spend their whole lives talking about their goals and dreams but never acting on them. Personal success comes when we set out to do something and then go out and achieve it.

For example, if you have always wanted to put an extension onto your house or extend your garage, you should go out and do it. However, be sure to plan it first with goals along the way. For your garage extension, you first should move your cars to an outdoor car storage. As you go through the checklist and see the project progress, you will feel much more accomplished and willing to take on more projects.

We should be happy that we have the ability to get up get out and work towards things that we want and need. However, materialism should not be our end goal but merely a station that is useful for meeting those goals. However, we should be happier that we are doing so well that we have the means to contribute charitably to helping those in need who trust us because we drive shiny new cars. When we have transcendent goals in life that first shows love for ourselves and then work towards helping others, our charity covers a multitude of sins and leads us to have greater self-esteem by accepting our flaws.


Minimizing your flaws in life by building yourself up to the point where you can do kind deeds for others is easy. When you are able to meet your own needs, it only comes naturally that you will have the compassion to help others.