Ways To Stay Healthy Without Going To Embarrassing Gyms

Ways To Stay Healthy Without Going To Embarrassing Gyms

You can become healthy without going to gyms where others can make you feel embarrassed. It is easy to get in shape at home without spending any money, and you can even join a sports league that makes working out fun with people who are just like you.

Outside Activities in Nature

Exercising outdoors will save you money and improve your overall mental health, in addition to your physical health. When you surround yourself with nature, you are able to experience mindfulness more and more medical professionals agree that taking the time to experience mindfulness is equally as important as eating right and exercise. If you exercise outdoors, you experience even greater benefits. And, according to John Porcari, Ph.D., and the director Clinical Exercise Physiology at the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse, you can burn up to 7 percent more calories by exercising outside rather than inside.

Planking and Yoga

You can practice planking and yoga anywhere and at any time because it does not take up much space and you use your own weight as resistance. It is important to perform both planking and yoga poses properly. If you are not going to a gym or a specialized class, you should watch videos online. You might even pay for an online subscription so that you feel as though you are at the class without leaving your home. By practicing yoga and planking, you will increase the strength of your core, improve your muscle definition and increase your metabolism.

Free Weights and Weight Machines

Some people prefer weight training rather than weight resistance training. You can also do this in the comfort of your home rather than in a gym. Both men and women can benefit from weight training. You will become stronger by weight training. This will result in the ability to burn more calories in everything you do from sleeping to exercising. One of the greatest benefits of free weights over machines is that they take up very little space.

Home Pools

A home pool can be an exceptional way to stay in shape, particularly if you live in a warmer climate. You do not have to build a large, in ground pool to reap the benefits of swimming at home. For example, many custom pools in Houston offers are basic lap pools. Lap pools are often less expensive, and new models feature highly stylish-looking above ground lap pools. Swimming at home also gives you privacy without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed, as well as the possibility to burn over 420 calories an hour, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Ditch the Car

Many people jump in the car to travel short distances. When you begin to walk instead of drive, you begin to lose weight without even trying. You will also save money and tone your body more quickly. Before you cringe at the idea of walking to the supermarket, consider that it only takes roughly 15 to 20 minutes to walk a mile for the average person. You might also consider using public transportation to and from work instead of driving. Most people will have to walk several blocks to reach a bus stop. This adds up quickly when you do this several times a day.

Sports Leagues

Another fantastic way to stay healthy without going to embarrassing gyms is to join a sports league. The best part about sports leagues today is that you can find one for nearly every sport, every age group and every level of experience. Whether you are interested in pickleball or softball, you can likely find a sports league near you in which to participate.

Do not let the embarrassment of working out at a gym prevent you from being in good health. You can do exercise at home in any number of ways from yoga to swimming. You can spend more time walking rather than driving. And you can join a fun sports league to burn calories and have a good time.