7 Tips To A More Youthful Appearance

7 Tips To A More Youthful Appearance

Easy steps to make yourself look younger without trying too hard.

Most of us who have celebrated a few more birthdays than we care to mention have had the experience of peering into a mirror and longing for a more youthful appearance. While no fountain of youth exists that can make you young again, a number of measures can be taken that will restore the youthful appearance and mental clarity you possessed in past years.

Use An Extra Pillow

During sleep, gravity pulls fluid into the areas around the lower eyelids. The skin is both soft and elastic in this area, which causes eyes to appear puffy when fluid is present.

Eye puffiness can be avoided by placing an extra pillow under your head while sleeping. This will allow the fluid to drain away from your eyes. You can also place chilled spoons against the eyes to reduce puffiness.

Run For Exercise

It is a well-known fact that physical activity increases mental alertness. One study demonstrated that monkeys who exercised by running on a treadmill benefitted by growing more blood vessels to carry blood and oxygen directly to the brain. Additionally, a single session of aerobic exercise can signal a release of endorphins throughout the body. These endorphins will increase mental clarity.

Lose A Few Pounds

A sad fact of life is that bias against people who carry a little extra weight exists in many places. This fact has shown to be especially true in the workplace where slimmer workers often receive raises, promotions, and other perks before heavier co-workers. No one can become slim overnight, however, there are a few tricks that can provide you with a slimmer appearance.

One tip to remember if you carry a few extra pounds is to never wear pleats. Pleats will cause you to look a little heavier. Another tip is to wear single colored clothing. Single-colored clothing will result in a taller and slimmer appearance.

Eliminate Folliculitis

Folliculitis is a skin disorder that causes the skin to become itchy and red. This situation occurs when hair follicles become inflamed. The odds of developing folliculitis increases with age. The disorder can also add years to the appearance of individuals who suffer from folliculitis. This problem can benefit greatly from the use of a folliculitis cream.

Chew Gum

You should avoid caffeine when you need to be in your sharpest form mentally. Caffeine provides a quick boost that will not last long. A better tool to use is gum that contains either peppermint or cinnamon. One set of research data shows that the smell of peppermint alone is capable of increasing levels of athletic performance and improve the mood. Likewise, the scent of cinnamon has proven able to improve mental dexterity and raw brain power.

Better Posture

As humans endure the aging process, the spine begins to compound and a naturally hunched-over appearance begins to form. This look is clearly associated with aging. This effect can be offset by regular stretching to remain flexible. It is also a good idea to adopt a manner of sitting, standing, and walking that allows the spine to remain as straight as possible.

Use A Haircut To Cover Thinning Hair

When hair is thinning or baldness is near, it is good to remember that less will become more. Longer strands of hair lie close to the scalp due to gravity. This will eventually cause any uncovered skin on top of the head to be exposed. Cutting the hair a little shorter will hide the existence of hair that is thinning or missing. This will add youth to the appearance of an individual immediately.

Final Thoughts

Everyone is conscious of their appearance. And a youthful appearance is highly desired by most of us who have a few years under our belts. While there is no way to turn back the hands of time, the seven tips above will restore your youthful appearance in no time at all.