Helpful Ways to Soothe Back Pain

Helpful Ways to Soothe Back Pain

Methods to relieve back pain.

If you are like me, you may suffer from daily debilitating back pain. This pain can knock you off your feet and leave you reeling for hours. What is one to do when they are faced with pain such as this? First, it would probably behoove the person to go to a doctor and find the reason behind the pain. Rule out any serious problems such as cancer or spinal disease. The next step after going to a doctor is finding a way to ease your pain. Doctors may give us medication and muscle relaxers but what else can we do to relieve our pain?

A Steaming Hot Bath

One of the best things in the world when back pain hits is a hot bath filled with epsom salt. It numbs the body for a moment and eases the pain. Just sitting in the tub of hot water for a good half hour can be relaxing. It is, however, a short-term fix for most. Shortly after you step out of the water, the back pain will return. In the moment, however, it takes the pain away and your back feels almost normal again.

Stretch Those Muscles

Another form of relief for back pain is a long yoga session. Yoga is helpful in the fact that it focuses on relaxing your mind while simultaneously stretching your whole body out, particularly your back. The stretching can sometimes help or hinder you depending on the severity of your back injury, so sometimes you have to be careful. However, most of the stretches have the power to heal n soothe even the stiffest back muscles. The child's pose focuses directly on the back and is meant to stretch it to the point that it relaxes and the muscles loosen up, even just a little bit.

Oils and Acupuncture

There are home remedies for back pain that sometimes people use to take the place of over-the-counter medications. Oils such as rosemary and lavender and even cayenne can be helpful in relieving pain. Eucalyptus has been known to relieve symptoms as well. Acupuncture has also risen in popularity over the years as an effective treatment. It involves the stimulation of the nerves by several needles being inserted into the back. The risks of complications are minimal and side effects are generally low.

Hot and Cold Remedies

Another form of treatment for back pain is heat and ice therapy by using a heating pad or a cold pack. Pressed against the upper or lower back, it provides cooling and numbing effects. Heat is good for helping stiff muscles. Cold packs are more effective relieving joints that are swollen. A freezer bag full of ice is also effective if you don’t have a cold pack available.

Don't Underestimate Sleep

Sometimes the best remedy for back pain is simply to rest on a mattress that is at least slightly firm. Resting your muscles and joints can do wonders for pain. If there is little to no movement to disturb the nerves, pain will likely subside. Resting with a back brace on to stabilize the spine will also do wonders for pain. At this point, taking the muscle relaxers and acetaminophen prescribed by your doctor could be helpful as well. You will become drowsy and you’ll at least be able to relax and sleep.

Relief of Back Pain

Back pain can greatly affect the quality of your life, but try not to let it rule you. There is no "one-size-fits-all" treatment. You must just find the remedy that works best for you and stick with it until the back pain is fixed with surgery or other alternatives suggested by your doctor. Whether it is rest or medication that brings you relief, embrace it and try to focus on other things that make you happy. You should also remember that laughter is the strongest medication there is and is also the most effective natural relief that exists for pain.