Go on a Weekend Getaway with Friends to Relieve Stress

Go on a Weekend Getaway with Friends to Relieve Stress

You've been working non-stop for months and it's time for a break. Keep reading to learn how to plan a fun, weekend getaway trip for you and your friends!

It doesn't take much to plan a fun getaway with the right tools!

Since you are going with more than one person you will need to pool your friends together and go over the options and make decisions. As a group choose a destination that will meet everyone's needs, budgets, and goes with the current season. The bigger the group the more selective your trip location might be. If there are only a few people, and they are your close friends it's likely you all think relatively the same and want and enjoy the same activities.

The perfect example of how to plan the perfect getaway with friends is booking a trip to Las Vegas. Las Vegas has something everyone can enjoy, from shopping malls, clubs, fine dining, casinos, zip lining over the strip, tons of nature activities in the nearby desert and much, much more!

If you're coming from very far driving to Vegas can cost $200-$400 dollars worth of gas or much more even when carpooling. A great alternative is flying, with the cost of each individual and it's up to the group.

For most going to Las Vegas, it is much more affordable and relaxing to fly. There's no reason to overpay for your flight to Las Vegas. You can use travel sites but there is a wonderful app you can use called Skyscanner.

Skyscanner is a Great Travelers Secret

Download the app and apply the appropriate filters for your trip. You can see a calendar of flights on the app, price ranges will be color-coded to allow you to choose the right price range for you. As you're searching through flights you can track the ones that interest you most. Don't be surprised if the flight you wanted greatly increases or decreases in price. It's important to know your budget and secure your desired price sooner rather than later. A great method is buying your ticket with refund options, so if you find a much cheaper flight later you can cancel and book the new flight.

Now, the next thing you will decide as a group is where you will stay. Las Vegas has tons of hotels and resorts to book a stay at. There will always be places to stay on the strip, some places seem like great prices except for those hidden resort fees that will surely put a damper on your overall trip budget.

Your next money-saving solution is to book an Airbnb. Airbnb also benefits you if your traveling in a large group and need more space with amenities like a living space and kitchen. Download the Airbnb app and use the filter for your location, price and any other needs you have for a place to stay. Be careful of places that seem very low in price but have massive occupancy taxes and fees. You are able to press the reserve button in the app (with all the dates you want selected) to see how much your total costs will be.

Now, How Exactly Are You Planning to Get Around with Your Friends?

There's going to be lots of fun activities and places to go with you and your friends. You will definitely need to decide how you will need to get around. How far you are away from the strip may affect the type of transportation you use. If you're staying on the strip and enjoy all the activities the Las Vegas strip has to offer perhaps a combination of walking and rideshares (like Uber and Lyft) are what will meet group needs. Or, if you live close enough to Vegas, you can all pile into your friend’s SUV instead, which can save you guys the cost of renting a vehicle or having to pay rideshare fees.

Overall, with all the right planning, you can easily plan a great vacation with your friends.