Avoid the Common Cold During Cold and Flu Season

Avoid the Common Cold During Cold and Flu Season

Some of these simple measures and will help you try to ward off getting sick during one of the most unhealthy times of the year.

When the cold weather arrives, so does the dreaded cold and flu season. Now when it comes to influenza there is the flu shot that is recommended everyone gets whenever possible. This may not always guard against the virus but it will stop it from getting serious if caught. But what about the common cold, there is no immunization or cure for this one? That is very true, unfortunately, but there are effective measures that we could all take to try to prevent getting a cold. Some of these simple measures and will help you try to ward off getting sick during one of the most unhealthy times of the year.

Taking Supplements

No doubt we have all heard that old adage that we should take our vitamins turns out there is some truth to this. Taking vitamins, minerals and even natural supplements can help us build up our immune system. Let's face it a low immunes system is one of the main things that make us get sick. So, starting to take vitamins, minerals or even natural supplements such as the ones provided by Le-Vel Thrive well in advances such as in the Spring or Summer could help to keep you healthy.

Wash Your Hand and Use Hand Sanitizer

There is a common theory that germs are spread through the hands more so than the air. This is indeed quite true, think about all the surfaces and items you touch each day. So, washing your hands whenever possible is always good advice. But there are times when it may seem as if you are doing it for nothing. A common example, while at work or out in public, using the bathroom, you wash your hands well with soap and water. Go to open the door and touch the doorknob. It may not seem like a big deal, but doorknobs can be one of the most commonly known germ carriers around. Some good advice carries around a small bottle of hand sanitizer. This is an ideal way to keep the hands germ-free since these use alcohol, an effective germ killer.

Use Antibacterial Wipes and Dish Soap

Here is an effective way to take care of those objects that can be carrying germs such as the doorknob. Think about the other objects in the home or at work that many could behandling. For example, the TV Remote control, this one can carry germs and bacteria that go unnoticed. A few things that maybe you don't think about that could carry germs giving how often hands touch them are the mouse on the computer system and the light switch. This is where disinfectant and anti-bacterial wipes come in handy. Having these on hand is an easy way to wipe off these items periodically to ensure that illness-causing germs are removed. Another thing that may sound silly is do you use antibacterial dishwashing liquid? Believe it or not, this brand of dish soap does help to kill some of the germs that can cause illness, especially during cold and flu season.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Illness is a sign of the body needing a rest, so during the cold season try to get as much sleep as possible. Giving the body the much-needed sleep that it needs to rejuvenate itself is an ideal ounce of prevention. Remember, we are told that the recommended amount of sleep to get each night is eight hours. Even if you are known to get by on less during the rest of the year, try to live by this rule during the cold season.

Cover Your Mouth and Use Tissues

We all need to cough or sneeze from time to time, but as our parents always said cover your mouth when you cough. As for sneezing keep tissues on hand to sneeze into and dispose of these immediately. After during both though remember to use hand sanitizer, maybe you aren't getting sick but you still don't want to spread germs.