Growing a Healthy Small Business: Checklist for Your First Hire!

Growing a Healthy Small Business: Checklist for Your First Hire!

Four things to keep in mind while making your first external hire for your small business!

Congratulations! Your business is growing and you are ready to make your first part-time or full-time hire: and there’s only a million things that can go wrong!

But don’t fret: we’ve put together a checklist of four things to keep in mind while you interview your first-hire candidates to help you make a decision that will keep your business growing and healthy - and keep you sane!

Checklist for Your First Hire

1) Do they have a complementary personality?

More than likely, you are going to be spending a LOT of time with this person - so make sure your personalities complement one another! You don’t have to have the same opinion or outlook on everything (in fact, it’s probably better than you don’t!) but make sure they are a good fit for your philosophy of business.

2) Do they have the necessary education and experience?

It can be tempting to hire the person you get along best with - but an unqualified or inexperienced candidate that must be thoroughly trained and can’t work on their own is a HUGE drain on your limited resources. Ensure they have enough of the required education and/or experience to be able to operate on their own.

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3) Do their goals match with yours?

Asking someone where they want to be in five years may not give you the best idea of how well you will work together on a day to day basis, but it will ensure that you are both working towards a common goal.

Remember, if a candidate doesn’t necessarily want to be working for you in five years, don’t discount them: hiring someone part-time who eventually wants to go back to school might allow you to grow your business for a few years, then hire someone full-time when they leave!

4) Are you comfortable with them representing your business?

First impressions don’t mean everything - but they do give you a really good idea of what someone’s idea of a good first impression is! If you aren’t impressed by their conduct, manners, and even appearance, chances are your customers won’t be either. Fancy clothes and makeup don’t make the person - but how they carry and take care of themselves certainly does!

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