Kerry Mason’s Bottom Line Accounting: Improving Your Bottom Line!

Kerry Mason’s Bottom Line Accounting: Improving Your Bottom Line!

Kerry Mason works with her clients to provide the customized and full-service accounting practice for their unique individual or business requirements!

Kerry Mason is truly a one-stop-shop power house: not only does she provide top of the line accounting services for individuals and businesses, but she’s also an accredited mortgage specialist that helps her clients leverage their unique financial situations for the best possible mortgage rates and structure.

“My philosophy is to be in a partnership with my clients – to prepare them to be financially successful, and to set and meet their financial goals.” – Kerry Mason, Bottom Line Accounting

Kerry believes in tailoring her services to the clients’ needs – not the other way around. From start to finish, Kerry ensures her clients are fully taken care of financially – saving them thousands by consolidating their bookkeeping, general accounting, and tax services under one roof.

Kerry and her team work diligently to relieve their clients of the stress off the many “unknowns” when it comes to the accounting and tax requirements of running a business. Their accounting expertise allows their clients to focus on their own expertise – running their business!

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Bottom Line Accounting and Taylor Made Mortgages provides the following services:

• Mortgages

• Accounting

• Software training

• Personal Income Tax

• Small Business Income Tax

• Corporate Tax

• Payroll Services

• Government Forms & Calculations

• Start Ups

At Bottom Line Accounting, no job is too small or too big. Kerry and her team can provide a customized service plan for you and your family or business – whether hourly, weekly, or monthly. They want to ensure your needs are met – and the job is done right, and right when you need it.

Kerry and her team also provide mortgages backed by Canada’s best lending group – Taylor Made Mortgages. Their accounting and finance expertise ensure you find the best mortgage suited for your own unique needs.

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Taylor Made Mortgages is one of the largest lender groups in the country, and works with a variety of both banks and private lenders – providing clients with the best deal possible to fit their own unique financial situation.

Kerry helps those who may not be able to qualify for a mortgage in a traditional way - whether they are self-employed, first-time home buyers, investors, or looking to refinance.

Kerry and her team proudly work in Burlington, Ontario. To get in touch with your certified, experienced, and professional financial expert, email them at

You can also visit their website HERE for more information.

Address: 581 Plains Rd E, Burlington, ON L7T 2E6

Phone: (289) 335-3357