How to stay motivated while writing a boring thesis

How to stay motivated while writing a boring thesis

Do you feel overwhelmed while writing your thesis paper? Read these expert tips to make it exciting.

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The dissertation or thesis is designed to generate an original piece of research work on a topic you have chosen. So, if you too are writing a thesis and find the research topic incredibly dull, we will discuss what you too can do by yourself to change your perception through this article. This can happen for multiple reasons. The majority of students fall for this particular one. You are not sure about the thesis topic, and you were handed a case by your professor. Looking at the topic and related documents on the internet, you are convinced you will be bored as the topic is challenging and even the internet has lesser materials.

There are multiple ways you can handle such scenarios by following the below steps curated for you to stay motivated even if you find yourself doing a boring thesis.

Finding the root cause –

In the IT service industry, the ‘Root cause’ is finding why some application behaves the way it should not. The standard procedure is to ask the ‘5 why’s’. Similarly, you should ask yourself the same ‘5 why’s’ you have started your course. Having transparent your why’s, you will find your reason to stay motivated even if you think your thesis is the most boring one.

2. Spend time researching –

When you research a topic, sometimes, not finding comprehensive data at one try might make you think bored as people tend to do easy work if possible. Now finding relevant results should be your driving force. Take time and patience to go through multiple sources of information to get the desired results for your search.

3. Taking notes from the search result for future purposes –

While you are looking for actual content on the internet or from books, it is also advisable to take adequate notes for your process. Take notes like ‘title,’ ‘author name,’ ‘publishing year,’ ‘problem statement,’ ‘URL’ so that while citing for the records, you can have all this information handy.

4. Organize your time –

The best thing you can do to write your thesis is to organize your time properly. Organizing your time is how you can be accountable for the times you use towards your thesis and use the spare time for other valuable activities. This way, you can write your paper being responsible for your career. Please note to utilize your time fully, you need to limit your access to social media and your mobile phone.

5. Look for thesis help –

You would be amazed how you, too, can take the help of the services numerous websites offer for a minimal fee to write the thesis for you and provide you a final copy free of plagiarism and grammatical mistakes. Looking for thesis writing service is the easiest option you have for writing your boring thesis.

By following these steps, your incredible thesis gets published and also makes your thesis writing exciting and uses the space to build something of your own. Learning a new skill, developing your YouTube channel, researching cryptocurrency, and getting your NFT are possible if you show resilience and character towards your career. You need to be sure why you have started on the path of your career.

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