Nuday colocation data center services

Nuday colocation data center services
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The way Toronto data center have helped customers and business ventures is by reducing foot traffic and allowing remote management of technical infrastructure to keep the wheels turning. For instance, saving up on time and money has now become easy. Operational support via portal use and on-demand remote hands services have reaped benefits as anticipated. Server reboot, rack visual check, network and device port change, and tape backup replacements are to name a few here.

When it comes to on-prem enterprise data centers, the pressure has since then been building up. The pandemic has given a boost to the need for remote access like never before.

The two options companies have had are to either have their team to work long shifts and commute to the data centers, or acquire remote hand services from the datacenter and NOCs.

Data centers have thus been the savior needed during the onset of the global pandemic. A survey by IDC in August revealed that 78% of companies admitted to the pandemic having impacted their data center resources by limiting physical access and pulling up the demand for remote management and work-at-home options.

However, there are some tasks and operations that cannot be performed remotely or virtually such as installing hardware at the data center or having things moved around, for this manual presence is sure to exist going forward.

The Bottom Line

The data center industry has a lot of potential going ahead. It has the opportunity to grow and venture into new and innovative areas. Remote hands service is a win-win for all in this regard. It reduces costs, mitigates risks, and optimizes the use of time.

It’s like the new normal that people have begun to adjust and adapt to. At first, it was an alien concept, but now, a year into the pandemic, it has become at the center of operations, making it unlikely for old ways to be brought back in.

If you wish to make the most of teams’ time and learn more about remote hands services, give us a call and check out our services.

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