Major Types of Essay

Major Types of Essay
about 2 months ago

Writing different type of essays become a part of the school/college assignment.

Writing different type of essays become a part of the school/college assignment. Sometimes students get confused about different types of essays. Choosing the correct type of essay is a little bit tricky. Essay writing is involved in every phase of your life, so you should know how to write an effective essay, what should be the topic, how to choose a correct topic for the essay, and much more.

If you are writing an essay, then you have to keep in mind some important points such as correct use of the verb, sentence structure, spellings, and content quality. Writing a charming essay will define your skills. Essay writing is not that much complicated as you think, so chill. If you have any confusion regarding this, consult any "write my essay for me" service.

Major Types of Essay

There are a dozen types of essays, but here we will discuss some of the major types. Let’s have a look at them.

• Narrative Essays

Narrative essays can be written to tell a story about your life experience. It may sound easy to tell your real-life story in such words, but it challenges students to think and write some lines about themselves. When writing such essays, you have to involve the reader to make your essay more vivid. They are mostly written in the first person to engage the readers. A well-crafted essay will help you to build an effective conclusion or to make a personal statement.

• Descriptive Essays

In a descriptive essay, you have to describe a place, person, memories, and objects. It is not only a description of these points, but the writer has to provide a description with colorful words to grab the attention of the reader. A descriptive essay should provide a detailed description, just like painting a picture. When you are painting a picture, you focus on colors and try to make it colorful and attractive. So, a descriptive essay is also like that your words will play the role of colors in your essay.

• Expository Essays

This type of essay is an informative essay in which a writer presents the analysis of a topic. This essay includes facts, statistics, and different examples to prove your evidence. We cannot write anything that our mind says; in fact, we have to provide information that is logically proved. So, it’s not about our emotions or feelings.

• Persuasive Essays

A persuasive essay is similar to an expository essay in which the writer provides facts and figures. The persuasive essay can be written to convince the reader, so he accept the writer’s viewpoint. The reader should accept all his arguments without reasoning.


You may confuse when writing an essay. If you don’t know which type of essay you are writing, then you also don’t know what to write in that essay. Once these types are cleared, you can write a better essay. Contact a reliable do my essay service for your assistance.