How To Write A Grade Winning Research Paper

How To Write A Grade Winning Research Paper

Grade winning research paper is a dream for everyone, all the students want to score the highest marks in their studies.

If you are sitting with a blank mind and have no idea about how to start your research paper, then here are some useful tips you must know. Research papers are although tough, and time-consuming, but they are basically grade-determining part of your studies.

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However, if you want to test your abilities and want A+ grades in your class, then follow-up on the below-mentioned tips.

How To Write A Grade Winning Research Paper; Step By Step

Splitting the whole process into different parts, we have mentioned the stepwise tips to write a successful research paper.

1. Select The Topic

Sometimes you are fortunate to choose the topic of your research paper. At the same time, some colleges limit the students to write on their topic. When it comes to choosing the topic, make sure that you select the one in which you are interested.

Don’t choose any technical or general subject, or the topic you have researched before because you’ll be bored doing that again. Make your research paper narrow on a specific idea and concept.

2. Write A Thesis Statement

A working thesis statement lets you stay focused on your topic and aids you in your research. So, make sure you are going to make the best thesis statement, which must be the direct reflection of your paper. There are three categories of research papers:

• Analytical for analysis of any information

• Expository for explaining information

• Persuasive for making arguments

You need to invest a lot of time to create a strong thesis statement, which must be supported by any evidence.

3. Start Research And Make Outline

Now you need to begin your research and collect all the primary and secondary sources of information to provide sound evidence to your ideas. It would help if you used the citation style, according to your teacher’s demand, and make sure you are using the latest version of it.

Make the notes, because you’ll need them at the time of writing bibliography and paper. Organize your tons of ideas, thoughts, and points on a single platform to redraft your document quickly. A complete research paper structure is:

• Title page

• An abstract

• The introduction

• Methodology part

• Results

• Discussions

• Conclusion

4. Create The Draft

Now, after clearing your direction, you have to draft your paper with a title, references, and in-text citations. Your title must be impressive and eye-catching. It presents the extracts of your entire article; if it’s not right, then it can have a bad impression.

After creating a title, write the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. An academic paper should not be dull so that you can start it by words, including an anecdote, unusual facts, and statistics.

5. Revise and Proofread

The finishings of your research paper matters a lot. Here, you have to make some large-scale changes in the transitions, flow, and the structure of paragraphs. Make sure that all the claims are sounded by evidence.

In the end, you need to check for grammatical errors, including spelling mistakes, dandling sentences, article mistakes, and punctuation. Give a full and thorough read to the paper several times.

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