Fiction Writing - The competition of an author has reached to a new level

Fiction Writing - The competition of an author has reached to a new level

Fiction is a story made with imagination. It is the world having imaginary characters and environment buts impact the audience with real emotions. This lead to the swelling increment in the domain. Fictional writing is the most prominent domain in the writing world. Numerous advancement is made to influence the potential audience. A constant increase in the number of authors produces hundreds of publishing every year. This created a huge audience of fictional lovers all around the world.

With the increase in the readers, there is a parallel increase in publishing. However, creating the finest writings is impossible for a single writer. It has also observed that most of the authors hire fiction ghostwriter for their writing in order to produce a bulk of writings every year. In addition, these writers focus to create the best writings so that they gather a huge fraction of their target audience. Nevertheless, in recent years, there is a decrease in the market of readers, which shocked many authors. Even the finest writings are read in fewer numbers as compared to decades ago.

This is for the fact that fiction writers missed out their actual competitors of the era. These resulting domains are not directly but indirectly affecting the reading world. These domains have also transformed numerous readers into viewers. Following are some of the main factors of these domains that are creating a huge difference, which is shocking and real at the same time.

1. Today all the information transferred through digital media. These media has two main mediums that are TV and social media. However, the fictional content that was supposed to be transferred through book writing, is now consuming through viewing it. Countless movies and dramas are made for the viewers. Also, a huge increase in the platforms that support this content like TV, YouTube, Dailymotion etc. This decreases the reading audience and more people are transferring to these mediums on a daily basis.

2. Moreover, the concept of reading that is created in childhood is extremely lacking. None of the schools is promoting this habit, which is the reason that the children never want their activities to be around reading. Today, most of the children community is dedicated to the use of phones and tablets. Through these devices, they consume all the digital means of data.