What is Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting

Here' an explanation that'll clear all your beginner level doubts about web hosting.

Web hosting requires the following

• One or more servers to operate a website

• A colocation (data center) to provide physical space, electricity, and internet connectivity.

• A domain name (name of a website) to link with the web hosting server

• A webserver (computer software) includes space to hold the files of the site, email connectivity, site configuration, software/credentials to configure and modify sites.

How does web hosting work?

There are many companies like Cube InfoTech that provide web hosting services along with Austin web design. First, you need to choose a domain name i.e the name that you want to keep for your website. You can choose your domain from the web hosting service’s sites, pick up a required package and then book your domain name.

After getting the domain name you can link it to your web hosting and then it will be accessible on the internet.

Why Web Hosting Is important?

• Reliability: Make sure whichever hosting service you take provides high quality, a web host. This means how often your website will be available on the internet.

• The capacity of a web hosting server: The capacity of a hosting server allows the number of page views that your website can handle every month. If you do not have such, your website can go on offline mode while experiencing massive website traffic. Choosing a hosting plan is a wise decision.

• Customer Support is a must: It is very important to ensure that the web hosting services you have taken from, provides 24x7 customer support. Sometimes websites may come across such problems ex: going offline and being unable to get back online. To overcome such issues, it is necessary to have test support yourself, asking a few questions to check if there is any way they can support customers like email support or chat support on the website of the hosting company.

• Domain management: While purchasing hosting make sure that it can add multiple domains to a single hosting account. This is important because, over the years when the company starts growing, it needs to set up more subdomains for the existing domain.

• Upgrading ability: Initially the size of the site is small and so is the requirement of the hosting plan. But if you want to achieve more through your website after some years then ensure that your hosting company can upgrade to a different hosting plan as required.

• Ensure website security: While purchasing hosting ensure that it has regular website backups such as firewalls, security plugins, keeping your site software up to date. With high security, in case if your website gets hacked then you can easily restore it to the previous version of your site instead of starting it from the scratch.

Types of web hosting

The requirement of web hosting differs from website to website. Before choosing any web hosting plan, first, review the following types which will give you a better understanding of what you need:

Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is popular as a beginner-oriented hosting service as it is quite budget-friendly. The best thing is that you are sharing server resources with hundreds of other sites and paying only for the server that you are using.

VPS Hosting: VPS hosting uses a technical process like virtualization to create a virtual dedicated server. This hosting allows you to access greater levels of server resources and can upgrade your hosting plan as and when required.

Dedicated Hosting: This king of hosting is recommended for those websites that get massive volumes of traffic from visitors. Dedicated hosting is very expensive as it does not allow you to share resources with other users. But having such hosting provides great performance and storage capacity.

Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting is virtual hardware where you have to pay only for the resources you use irrespective of the website traffic. This type of hosting is more popular for the professionals of Austin web design.

WordPress Hosting: WordPress hosting is used for WordPress sites. If your website runs on WordPress and you are not at the initial growth stage then you can invest in WordPress hosting.


Thus, research on web hosting services is really important to have a better understanding of what your website needs, what to look for from a hosting company, and the ability to switch to more upgrade plans as needed.