5 Tips for Incorporating Daily Gratitude Into Your Life

5 Tips for Incorporating Daily Gratitude Into Your Life

Simple tips for incorporating gratitude into your daily habits.

What are your daily gratitude habits? Although there are many ways to live gratitude, my 5 MOST important daily habits are listed below. I encourage you to use at least one gratitude habit within the next 24 hours. Keep at it for 30 days (or more). You will slowly notice your life shifting in a more positive direction, even if you’re going through a very difficult time right now.

1. Wake up with gratitude! What are your first thoughts when you wake up in the morning? Grateful to be alive or dreading another day? Focus on one good thing (hey, I woke up!) and you’ll change the tone for your entire day.

2. Write down three specific things you are grateful for today, before bed. A gratitude journal is easy to do and easy not to do. But the benefits of actually doing it far outweigh the time it takes to write out three things. Start tonight. Find an old journal or even a notepad and a pen or pencil. Place it on your bedside table and take five minutes before you go to sleep to express your gratitude in writing.

3. When faced with a challenge, stop and ask yourself, what am I grateful for right now? Gratitude grounds us in the present. It is the fastest way to reduce stress and calm ourselves down. By focusing what you have to be grateful for right now, it creates the clarity needed to deal with a challenging situation.

4. Every time you pass a mirror, give thanks to your body for being miraculous. It is so easy to forget how truly amazing our bodies are. There are thousands of processes happening every single moment of the day, which we have no control over, but are essential to keep us alive. Isn’t that amazing?

5. Use prayer or meditation to give thanks and to create your amazing life. Faith is an important part of living a grateful life. It’s not important who or what you have faith in, simply having an unshakable faith is. Meditation allows us to slow down, breathe and take a mental inventory of all that we have to be grateful for.