Parenting a Large Family

Parenting a Large Family

There are two adults, 6 children and one grown stepson in Julia Martin-Welsh's family.

Hi all, I am Julia,

My husband Ed and I are the proud parents of six children and one grown child. We work hard every to balance all of our children's needs.
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Julia, Ed and the two youngest

I am a mom first and foremost,  a certified labour doula, a prenatal educator, an active member in A Sacred Journey, and avid volunteer.  Blaaa and how do I manage all of that at once

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The family went to see a few princesses

Here are some tips on how to balance my large family...
  1. Orginization
  2. Active listening
  3. Balancing the budget
  4. Planning for ALL events and holidays
  5. Delegating to those who can help
  6. Family chores

I know life can get truly busy, but always take time for self-care. As a family, we go exploring as much as we can together. Whether it is an adventure to African Lion Safari or a day at the beach, the children are simply glad we stopped to spend it with them.

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Our two older children

One thing is for sure, I could not love my hubby anymore then I do. He is a great dad, and takes his role in our family seriously, and he simply adores our kids.

a fathers love

A fathers love...