All You Need To Know About The Top Gun Jacket

All You Need To Know About The Top Gun Jacket

If you're looking for the perfect winter jacket, then you need to read this article. In it, you'll learn about the Top Gun Jacket and its key features.

Top Gun: Maverick is a movie that is a sequel to the previous Top Gun movie which was released in 1986 and stars Tom Cruise we are going to talk about the exact top gun jacket. Tom Cruise also plays the lead role in this movie which is released in 20222. The events in the current movie are set 30 years later than in the original movie.

Starting as a navy test pilot in a previous movie the lead role of Maverick is now one of the Navy's Top Aviators. He has done thirty years of his services in his rank. Now he is giving himself more challenges and taking steps that might threaten his rank. But an amazing character he can doge all such troubles. This movie is as amazing as the previous one, and you would love watching it.

Top Gun Jacket

Since everyone is so fascinated by the Top Gun character maverick everyone wants to dress like him. With his new movie that has been just released, you will be looking at more cosplay than before. The good thing about his cosplay is that you have to find one essential item to dress as a Top Gun character and that is Maverick’s bomber jacket.

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This is the infamous jacket that you can see people gushing about. Another great thing about this jacket is that you won't only get to look like a Top Gun character but will also be quite comfortable in that attire. You should learn more about this jacket though before you make a purchase.

The Fabric of the Top Gun Jacket

Fabric is what matters in comfortability. This jacket is made up of pure leather. This makes your jacket not only comfortable to wear but will also provide a considerable amount of protection against harsh winter weather.

The inner lining of this jacket is made out of viscose which will make the jacket even more comfortable and warm to wear. The best thing about both these fabrics is that you can use this jacket for years since both are durable.

Fitting of the Top Gun jacket

Fitting is another factor that you need to consider before purchasing a top gun jacket. Most people are not comfortable with any style so you should know what you would be purchasing. This jacket is a loose fit jacket so that means it is even more comfortable to wear.

It's best to have a look at the size chart because every body type is different. Based on the size chart you can make an order because only then the fitting style of your jacket will compliment your physique.

Other Features of this Jacket

As you can see from the picture it has a front zipper closure./ the zipper is the highest quality so you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck over time. The hemline of this jacket is rib knitted which makes it easy for wearing. There are two side pockets on the front of your jacket and two on the inside of your jacket. These pockets are spacious enough to carry your things. You can keep many of your belongings like your home keys and wallet in it.

The collar of this jacket is made of fur while the sleeves are longer. This jacket is brown but can be bought in other colours as well. It is still better to go for a brown one when you are doing a maverick from Top Gun look. This jacket also has multiple patches on the back as well as the front of the shirt and each patch has its own story.

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Caring tips

With any clothing materials, you should read their caring tips. These are important to ensure the durability of your item. With this jacket, you have to be careful because it is made of real leather and the more you care for it the longer it will last. For this jacket, you should make sure not to wash it and instead have it dry cleaned. This way you can have to enjoy this jacket in a good state for longer.


This was all you needed to learn about a top gun jacket before you purchase it. This jacket is extremely comfortable and stylish as well. You can create a perfect Top Gun cosplay look with the help of this jacket.