The Pumpkin Capital of Canada

The Pumpkin Capital of Canada

A Journey into Canada

It's the time of year that pumpkins surround us. Communities from coast to coast host pumpkin fests. We hear much about contests to find the largest pumpkin. And, pumpkin recipes abound - including, of course, pumpkin pie.

It got us to wondering there was a pumpkin capital of Canada.

Smoky Lake, Alberta is host to a number of events and claims itself to be the Pumpkin Capital of Alberta.

As to "Pumpkin Capital of Canada" it seems that the title goes to Norfolk County, Ontario.

The area, located on on the north shore of Lake Erie in Southwestern Ontario,  is some of the most fertile land in Ontario. With a mild climate and lengthy growing season, the region had long been the centre of the Ontario tobacco belt. But today garmers have diversifiedc their crop selections to include lavender, ginseng, hazelnuts, wolfberries, and pumpkins.

Locals claim that Statistic Canada has conformed that their farmers grow more pumpkins, zucchini and squash than any other area in Canada. By those numbers some 50 Norfolk County farmers grew 1795 acres - some 800 truckloads of pumpkins (2011).