The Metro Turns 50

The Metro Turns 50

A Journey into Canada

The Metro Turns 50

Where has the time gone ?

Seems just liked yesterday that this magical combination of mass transit system and art gallery opened below Montreal.

Once shiny and new, the Metro is now a routinely accepted part of urban life in Montreal – both negative and positive.

But for a moment, and as a prelude for our upcoming “Remembering 1967” series, we go back to what it felt like in October of 1966. Canada was looking forward to the Centennial and Montreal to welcoming the world at Expo. Montreal was being rebuilt – skyscrapers, highways, man-made islands in the St. Lawrence and the Metro. It was a dizzying but exciting time.

Here we recall when the Metro opened.

We especially call your attention to wonderful series marking the occasion in the Montreal Gazette.

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