Remembering The Forum

Remembering The Forum

Journeys into Paramus

Today there is a futuristic iFly there, a indoor spot to do skydiving

But for years this location on Route 4 West just below Forest Avenue was home of the Forum Diner.

Not a diner in a classic sense, it served the area ernestly if not spectatularly.

Food was solid. It came at a time in which diner decor started to broaden. It was one of the first area businesses to offer a salad bar - and a loaded one at that.

Some places are mourned immediately. Sometimes the loss of a place only slowly catches you. The Forum was one of those places.

At best it was functional when it was around. A place to suit with family and friends, where one could relax, reflect and contemplate the future.

Surprisingly, now that the future is here I find myself missing the old place more than In would have realized.


Interested in more about the Forum ? Here is a video courtesy of North (The Record)