Driving on A Bridge into a Sunset

Driving on A Bridge into a Sunset

Journeys into Hidden America - A Narrative from On the Road

It had been too short a visit to Providence (a pleasant surprise) and Newport (still beautiful in spite of the Summer congestion).

We were on our way towards I-95 and back home, having just departed Newport. Sad to be leaving before we could settle into a vacation mode, we were pulling onto a ramp approaching the Pell Newport Bridge and the Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge when suddenly regrets on what missed out on were forgotten. Our feeling of misfortune turned to one of gratitude.

We were crossing the always picturesque bays just as the sun was setting in spectacular fashion in the western sky.

Sunsets are always a majestic site to behold - even when it is over a New Jersey landfill (something I often got to see on the way back home from work). But this day's sunset was complimented by a peaceful looking sailboat and inspiring views of the bay, secluded coves in one direction and an opening to the Sound and Ocean in the other direction.

Unfortunately, as I was driving I could not take a picture. Others in the car were unsuccessful as well in capturing the moment. However,the mental image of the moment will never be forgotten.

There are times when one wishes that so much of our landscape had not been paved, bridged and developed. This was not one of those moments. I felt blessed to be one this large massive man-made structure in the midst of nature - blessed to be there at this place, at this time; together with loved ones. Good thoughts there driving over Narragansett Bay inspired by just how pretty a sunset could be.