Making the Most of a One-of-A-Kind Summer

Making the Most of a One-of-A-Kind Summer

Journeys into River Edge

The arrival of some summer like heat and humidity got us to start wondering what this Summer will be about in these parts. It is sure to be different than anything we've previously known and done. Many of us will try to be creative in how we entertain and comfort ourselves and those close to us.

It also got us to looking back and thinking about what it was like around here when folks routinely looked for creative ways to keep comfortable and content back in the days before air conditioning was commonplace.

Back then, one common form of “creative entertainment” for my family had my Dad walking us three blocks to Route 4 to watch city bound traffic on a Sunday night as folks struggled in traffic jams returning from a weekend in the Catskills.

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This year few will walk down to Route 4 to look at the traffic. Entertaining one's self by watching a traffic jam no longer has the appeal that it did decades ago. It will be interesting to see what this generation turns to in this Summer of social distancing.

We ask if you will be engaged in some creative planning to engage,entertain and protect your family and friends this summer.

I would welcome your own thoughts.