Custom Cream Packaging is setting Market Trends for 2021

Custom Cream Packaging is setting Market Trends for 2021

Know the latest trends in the cosmetic packaging industry this 2021. Follow them to make your beauty Cream Boxes break through the clutter and enjoy better sale

Cream Boxes are not just used for the packaging of creams but have a significant role to play in making or breaking their sales as well. A significant number of customers buy the beauty creams because of the packaging they are boxed up in. Every brand tries to come up with innovative and eye-catching Custom Cream Boxes to make their products jump off the shelves and enjoy a heightened image in the market. Every kind of customization is possible to make these boxes an attention-grabber. They can be adorned with unique designs and product information to entice the customers. Their colors and patterns exhibit the personality of the product as well as the brand. Die-cutting can be done on them to enhance product visibility while a variety of coatings are available to give them the desired texture. For their structure, they can be manufactured in any size, shape, and style as per requirement.

Custom Cream Packaging is setting Market Trends for 2021

It was not so long ago that the standard of the beauty industry was to provide great products to the customers. But from the past decade, the cosmetic industry has become way more saturated, leading the brands to go much further beyond just the quality of their products. One effective way they have adopted is the innovation of their cream boxes to make their products jump off the shelves and tell the customer THIS is what you want.

The latest year of 2021 has also set some new trends in cosmetic packaging. Let's explore what they are.

Positive Packaging:

Custom Cream Boxes that reduce harm to the environment while doing something positive for it are going to be the trend this 2021. A luxury skincare brand Haeckels has introduced mycelium and seed paper packaging, which is proved to have a great impact on the preservance of the environment. The packaging is planted in the garden, which adds nutrients to the soil as its biodegradation starts, resulting in new plants when its seeds germinate. The founder of the company Dom Bridges says that every product we make should contribute back to the ecosystem. It should make the least to no waste and create true sustainability at all levels. He thinks that consumption is a ravaging process, but if it contributes to the ecosystem and helps maintain the planet's health, the entire game would change. The use of wasted and recycled materials for the manufacturing of packaging boxes is also developing further. So in 2021, beauty brands are expected to not merely reduce environmental waste but making a positive contribution to it as well. This will make customers feel good about what they are buying and will result in elevated sales of the product.

Custom Cream Packaging is setting Market Trends for 2021

Smart Packaging:

Smart Custom Printed Cosmetic Boxes are going to be the trending ones in the latest year. Whether its RFID technology, QR codes, or augmented reality, they all relate to the idea of smart packaging. With the advancement in technology, we will be observing even more interactive use of augmented reality in the packaging of cosmetic products. RFID technology will be applied in the packaging to ensure the tracking of products. Not just this, there will also be an addition of gamification to identify how the customers interact and experience with the cosmetic products and their packaging. Beauty brands will be using it in their packaging to influence the behavior of consumers and increase their engagement with the product. So from now onwards, we will be observing the integration of traditional cosmetic packaging materials such as paper and cardboard with digital technologies in unbelievable ways.

Antiquated Infused Designs:

What's old is becoming new again because people of the modern age are getting more inclined towards products that give them a hint of the simple old times. The desire of recreating the delight of retro experience is rising extensively among the consumers. In the realm of cosmetic packaging, this means that we will see the combination of modern designs with vintage aesthetics and colors. The vintage style fonts, amazing typography, and retro design illustrations and patterns will be used on the cosmetic packaging to express age and pedigree. This classic vibe will give a nostalgic experience to the consumers by harking back to the good old days. Moreover, vintage-inspired designs sell more as they reflect authenticity. They never go out of fashion and by no means fail to attract the attention of the consumers while placed on the retail aisles.

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Flat Illustrations:

Flat illustrations on the cosmetic packaging are going to be the trend as the minimalist approach continues to observe growth over time. Flat designs first emerged in the 1920s but became famous in the middle of the 20th century while their origin roots back from the Swiss style. They are ideal for cosmetic packaging in the age where designers are looking for minimal designs, lesser use of colors, and simpler typography. Flat designs look extremely sophisticated and remove complexities in designs with their simplified shapes and clarity in the text readability. The color blocks in them stand out more and grasp the attention of the consumers. They shed out the visual noise on the packaging and help it stand out more.


Almost 94% of consumers choose brands that maintain transparency in their products. As a result, cosmetic brands are becoming more transparent with their consumers to satisfy their demands. Gone are the days when printing a logo and a few key ingredients on the face of the beauty products' boxes was enough to sell them like hotcakes. Today's consumer has become more concerned about what a product is made of, is it sustainable, vegan, ethical, and what kind of concerns each of its ingredients is going to target. Beauty products showcased in front of them in the Display Cream Boxes portraying all the information they need to know about the product can do wonders in enhancing the product sales. This enables the customers to feel informed and empower them to make the best choices for them.


Brands need to invest a lot to get such trendy packaging for their beauty creams, but one effective way to have Affordable Cream Boxes is by ordering them in bulk rather than in retail quantities.

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There is no question that 2020 was the year of fascinating packaging trends, but 2021 will prove out to be even better. From using the latest technology to vintage designs and minimalist approach to transparent packaging, everything will result in fascinating custom boxes that will jump off the shelves and make record profits. Getting Custom Cream Boxes Packaging Wholesale from dedicated online vendors will help you nail your packaging this 2021 without breaking the bank.