Need to Clean the Washing Machine? Here’s How to Eliminate the Germs & Bacteria

Need to Clean the Washing Machine? Here’s How to Eliminate the Germs & Bacteria

The most important hack to enhance the longevity of any appliance is to keep it clean.

A washing machine, being one of the most important electronic appliances, plays a vital role in our day to day life. Want to save your cleaning time or remove tough stains from the clothes, a washing machine is the best resort. So, why not keep it well-maintained and help it obtain its peak performance.

The most important hack to enhance the longevity of any appliance is to keep it clean. Thus, ensure that the washing machine is free from any kind of allergens, dirt, dust, and even mites.

Over time, the build-up of soap scum can damage the appliance. So, make sure, you have cleaned it with proper and safe cleaning products. Scrubbing the entire washing machine can be a great initiative to remove the dirt. Furthermore, a clean washing machine also prompted a hygienic environment.

So, pull out some time from your busy schedule and get to know how to clean the washing machine. The most crucial aspect of cleaning a washing machine is to understand which part to be cleaned through DIY rules and which parts need professional aid.

7 Easy Washing Machine Cleaning Tips

Cleaning a washing machine can be a daunting job. But, it can be easily done if you get adequate knowledge on how to carry out the entire cleaning job. Further, you can also rely on professionals of We Fix Dubai for expert cleaning services and expert strategies.

Cleaning a washing machine can be time-consuming but is necessary to keep the surroundings clean and dust-free. Now, let’s start to immaculate the appliance and remove the germs, bacteria, by following these simple hacks:

1. Clean the Gasket and Door Seals

At first, you have to opt for cleaning the gasket and door seals of a washing machine. And, for that, you need to soak a towel with hydrogen peroxide. Additionally, you can even use white vinegar as an alternative. Now, with the help of the soaked towel, clean the gasket’s chamber to disinfect the area. And after an hour, wipe the gasket and door seals using a toothbrush or scrubber.

2. Clean the Wash Drum

Once, you are done with cleaning the gasket, now it's time to clean the washer. And, for that, you have to use the mixture of the white vinegar and baking soda. Clean the interior areas of the wash drum with a nylon brush and vinegar scrub. After that, run the wash cycle at its peak temperature using this cleaning mixture. And, if you spill more vinegar than it is required, use regular soap to eradicate the pungent smell.

3. Change the Washer’s Settings

Next, change the washer’s settings to its optimum water temperature and turn it with the help of the large cloth and clean it properly. Make sure the build-ups are cleaned and removed properly. Never do forceful cleaning but you need to gently wipe the areas.

4. Wipe the Washer’s Dispenser Properly

Take half a cup of baking soda and 1-litre vinegar, and mix it properly. You can even use citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine bleach, and even enzyme detergent instead of baking soda and vinegar.

Front-loading machine:

If you own a front-loading machine, then apply the mixture of white vinegar to clean the detergent dispenser area. And, for the softener dispenser areas, use baking soda. Now, turn on the wash cycle to deep clean it.

Top-loading Washer:

If you own a top-loading washer, you have to use the mixture of baking soda and vinegar instead after running the wash cycle. Leave the wash cycle for a minute and mix these ingredients properly. Now, stop the wash cycle to soak the mixture for an hour.

5. Turn On the Wash Cycle

Take a towel and soak it in vinegar to clean the exterior part of the washers. Make sure you have cleaned all the nooks and crannies properly. The entire cleaning process should be performed while the wash cycle is running.

6. Run the Another Cycle

Now, start another cycle of the washing machine. Pour some hot water in it and mix a dash of vinegar to unwind best cleaning results. Make sure the door of the washer is open. Leave it for a few minutes and allow it to dry out all the water. Additionally, you get to safeguard the washing machine from getting affected by any kind of mildew and germs.

7. Clean the Filters and Other Essential Components

You have to clean the inside of the lid using a towel that is soaked with vinegar. Additionally, you can even brush the toothbrush to get through each and every area. And, wipe clean the tub’s rim along with the top edges.

Cleaning Ingredients to Clean a Washing Machine

Here, we are mentioning the essential cleaning ingredients that will help you to make the washing machine spick and span. Furthermore, top-leading cleaning services, such as We Fix Dubai, use these cleaning products along with advanced tools to offer effective and eco-friendly cleaning.

● Vinegar and Baking Soda (helps to remove limescale and odor)

● Oxygen Bleach and Enzyme ( Removes sticky residue)

● Citric Acid ( Easily removes Buildups)

● Hydrogen Peroxide (perfectly cleans contaminated Drum)

● Chlorine Bleach (Removed Odor)

What Makes the Washing Machine Grimy?

There are several reasons for which a washing machine can get soiled with dirt, dust, and germs. And, here are some of the possible reasons which can cause an issue.

● The gasket of the front-loading machine grapes a lot of water, which can be the breeding ground for the mold and mildew.

● Additionally, mold can even grow in the hollow places of the washing machine. So, it becomes crucial to open the washer doors after washing your clothes to dry it out.

● Moreover, washing your clothes at a low temperature can be harmful at times. Because of the low temperature, germs and bacterias can build up inside the machine.

● Don’t use excessive detergents. Because it can make the machine grimy.

● Additionally, the liquid detergents and fabric softener can leave a sticky texture inside the washing machine. So, it is suggested to avoid using such detergents.


With the help of the above-mentioned cleaning hacks, you get to clean the interior and exterior parts of the washing machine. Additionally, you get to eradicate the germs, dust, dirt, and mites that can cause hazardous health diseases.

And, it is suggested to clean the washing machine at least 2 times a week to keep it grime-free. Moreover, by just cleaning the washer, you get to avoid major breakdown issues and faults. So, save the repair expenses by seeking assistance from We Fix Dubai cleaning services.