How to Prepare for Med School Exams with Crash Courses

How to Prepare for Med School Exams with Crash Courses

Whether you are studying for the a rapidly approaching MCAT exam.

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Whether you are studying for the a rapidly approaching MCAT exam, or you want to ensure you pass a pre-med course, a pre-medical crash course can be your greatest tool.

Below, we break down exactly what a medical school crash course is, and how it can benefit you as a pre-med student.

What is a Medical School Crash Course?

If you’re applying to mMedical school, crash courses can be invaluable when it comes to studying for finals and entrance exams.

Crash courses exist for all sorts of topics, ranging from human physiology to neuroscience, and just about everything in between. They can be foundcome in the format of traditional books, audiobooks, short online courses, and YouTube video series. However you best learn, there’s likelyNo matter what topics you need to review before applying to a medical school, crash course in that formatstudying can help.

The purpose of aA medical crash course is tocan help you review the most important information on a specific medical topic or topics. Students may use a crash course as a true review, or as a supplement to a course in which they are currently enrolled. Some pre-med students may even use a crash course as a replacement for a class on a topic that isn’t isn’t as necessary to their overall education.

Examples of Medical School Crash Courses

Anatomy & Physiology



General Medicine



Obstetrics & Gynecology





Respiratory Medicine

The Benefits of a Medical School Crash Course

A medical crash course will have different benefits depending on where you are in your undergraduate education.

A student preparing for the MCAT will benefit from the focused review a medical crash course provides. If, for example, the student struggles with medical terminology, a crash course on the subject can help the student better focus their review.

Some crash courses even come as a series designed specifically for MCAT study. Simply powerBy working through the series, and the promise is you will be readyyou will be better prepared to sit the exam.

For a student enrolled in a specific pre-med course, a crash course makes a helpful supplement. It can also be beneficial to complete a crash course shortly before a final exam in order to , as the student reviews the most crucial information.

Finally, some pre-med students may choose to complete a crash course on a topic instead of enrolling in an additional full course. For example, a formal class on Covid-19 is not required for medical school entrance. There may not even be a formal class on Covid-19 offered. However, a student interested in the subject can glean the essentials on the subject from a Covid-19-themed medical crash course.

Final Thoughts

Pre-professional programs like pre-medicine med are unique in that they require students to excel at a ton ofabsorb a lot of different information on a variety of subjects, each of which is deemed just as important as the other. A When it comes to medicine, a life could literally depend upon one’s mastery of a topic.

Whether a student is preparing for their medical school entrance exam or just needs a bit of a refresher on a particular subject, a medical school crash course can be a helpful resource for focusing on the most vital and up-to-date information available on a topic.