How to use Wall Murals to Boost Morale and Productivity at Work

How to use Wall Murals to Boost Morale and Productivity at Work

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The traditional office is hardly anything to write home about. Plain, drab, and professional can be used to describe everything from the cubicles and desks, to the carpets, and walls.

The environment is supposedly designed to keep workers attentive and busy. However, research has proven that the workplace will be a much more productive space with just a little bit of motivation and morale boost. Just as you would use varied ways to communicate with your suppliers and clients, you should also apply the same multifaceted approach when it comes to keeping your employees happy in the workspace.

Workplace murals might just be what you need to nudge your employees in the right direction and improve productivity in your office.

Let Employees Participate

What’s the one place in your office that your employees can relax, let loose, and be their genuine selves? Perhaps the cafeteria or the breakroom. You can make a space like this truly theirs by allowing your team input when it comes to the art on the walls. When employees feel like they have a say in their surroundings, and can choose things they like for their workspace, they might feel more ownership over their positions, and productivity on a day to day basis.

Again, you might even discover that some employees have creativity running through their veins and give them an opportunity to express themselves. Do you know what can motivate their creativity even more? Commissioning a workplace mural by a local artist that employees can appreciate daily.

Capture Company Identity and Branding

If your company’s goals, values, logos, and mission statements stand out in the way that you decorate your office space, then they are sure to stick into the minds of employees and guests who visit your office. This is especially true if they are strategically placed in entryways and hallways.

Such wall murals reinforce your company’s identity, market your brand, and motivate employees to do their best.

Let the Murals Tell a Story

What are your company’s most significant milestones, achievements, innovations, or transformations? A carefully crafted mural can take everyone who visits your office on a trip down memory lane. For the employees, it is a reminder of what their efforts have achieved over the years and inspiration to keep pushing forwards.

Space for Inspiration

Working on stressful projects day in and day out can sometimes dampen inspiration or curb productivity. Powerful quotes on the walls, or creative pieces of art can provide a burst of inspiration and motivation, and stoke creativity. We all need a little reminder sometimes that we’re appreciated and supported, especially in the workplace. Art is a great way to show your employee appreciation.

Another idea is creating a dry erase wall mural space where employees can spread some inspiring vibes. The fact that it can be erased and replaced keeps it fresh and inspiring.

Let the Colors do the Talking

Color is a powerful tool of communication and can therefore significantly affect the work environment. For the best outcome from a colorful mural, have an understanding of what the colors you choose to use are and find out their influence on moods. For example, blue can create a peaceful relaxed environment while green is easy on the eyes and associated with nature and health. To add a dash of warmth and happiness, you can use yellow or orange.