Who Are the Top choices For the World Cup?

Who Are the Top choices For the World Cup?

England arrives at the World Cup round of 16 England vs Senegal match as the clear favorite. But can they pull it off? Read on for the prediction.

The FIFA World Cup England vs Senegal Round of 16 predictions is set to occur this June in South Africa, and it's set to be truly outstanding and most thrilling World Cups yet. For those that have never watched one, the World Cup is an assortment of the best 32 public football (or soccer to you Americans) groups on the planet. This year will highlight any semblance of Spain (the ongoing European heroes), Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Britain, the USA, Germany and some more.

Since the World Cup just comes around once like clockwork, there's a great deal of publicity around it and it's the most watched game in the whole world. As a result of this a ton of wagering goes on, and individuals like to foresee the results of matches and the inevitable victor.

While we clearly can't see who will win the occasion, we can make determined surmises in light of the qualities of each group, different supervisor's strategies and a couple of different things.

Of the groups this year the three top choices (by a wide margin) are Spain, Brazil and Britain (most likely in a specific order). Spain have a remarkable group and they have strength in each space of the field. With players, for example, Fernando Torres forthright and Xavi Hernandez in the midfield they have two players that can dominate a match quickly.