Be aware of some common car problems

Be aware of some common car problems

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A vehicle must be properly maintained for its performance and durability. Poorly maintained vehicles end up being more expensive and more polluting. It is made from different elements that depend on each other for their own work. Here I have listed several vehicle check problems:

Tire pressure problem

Car tires should not be over-inflated or over-inflated. High pressure can help reduce drag, while low pressure increases gas consumption. Ensuring the correct tire pressure in car tires can improve gas efficiency and mileage for the tires. Inadequate tread depth

Car tires must have a minimum tread depth of 5mm; any change other than this may cause vehicle instability. The vibration of the steering wheel, seat or even the floor of the car is actually due to insufficient tread. Brake system problem

Squealing noises from the brakes can be a big cause for concern. A car's brake system consists of several components such as drums, brake pads, calipers, etc., and any of them can cause bad braking. Another cause of unresponsive, wobbly, sluggish brakes can be a small amount of brake fluid in the reservoir.

Air conditioner not working

A lack of refrigerant in the system is the most common cause of air conditioning not working. It can leak or draw from the compressor, O-ring, or pinhole in the condenser or evaporator. Compressor failure also results in loss of lubrication. Closed air filter

Air flow through the engine is important for the engine and fuel. Air filters should be cleaned, maintained and replaced regularly. Smoke and exhaust

Smoke coming out of the exhaust, especially black or gray, is a sign that your car is not running properly. Your engine may be burning oil, coolant, or the fuel injectors may be leaking. It will need to be repaired, depending on the cause of the smoke.

Oily oil

Usually, the oil pressure warning light comes on when the oil pressure drops below the minimum required level. Low levels can cause overheating, leading to loss of oil and engine damage such as broken connecting rods, damaged crankshaft journals, etc.

Always a light bulb

This is due to the high voltage setting of the alternator, it must be checked immediately because the battery can release hydrogen gas that explodes when the vehicle is transferred.